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Hi everyone! Zelda here! I'm not banned anymore! YAY!

So here some of my friends on here:

Zel Rose(one of my best buds here!)

Midnight(one of my best buds here!)

Savannah(one of my best buds here!)

Zero&Co.!(my funny and randomn best friend!)

Abril(my plain funny and free souled friend!)

Princess(my Link fangirl friend!XD)

Reina Wolf(my funny friend!)

$noopy(my randomn friend!)

Cookie Sam(my good and nice friend!)

outoftime(very interesting friend to have but awesome at the same time!)

...and that's all I can remeber right now!(bad memory right now! >n<*)

If you want to be my friend I'm all open cuz I don't have many friends in Real Life so if you want to my friend just ask!

I love Sonic, Vocaloid, and The Legend of Zelda! Shadow is my fave Sonic Co., Miku and Luka are my fave Vocaloid, and Shadowlink is my fave Zelda Co besides Link so yeah I love them all! I'm new to Vocaloid and Zelda so if I get stuff wrong just tell me but don't be mean about it okey? I would love to see ppl draw Shadow, Hatsune Miku or Luka, Shadowlink or Link for me cuz my birthday is in May! My birth date is 5/10 so if you could make me some gifts I would be very happy!!! >w<

Fave Zelda Song: Balled of the Goddess

From:The Legend of Zelda:Skyword Sword

Fave Zelda theme/lulliby:Ocarina of time(Zelda's Lulliby)

From:The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time

Fave Songs:Wake Me Up, Monster, Forgiven, Ghost'n' Stuff, and In For The K!ll.

Fave Zelda/Sonic games:

1.Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword

2.Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess(so far so good! >w<)

3.Sonic and the Black Knight

4.Shadow the Hedgehog

5.Sonic Colors

Well that's all for now! I'll start puting up-dates on here soon so come here every 2 weeks to what's happening! Bye now!;)