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Hail to the king man.

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Lone Koopa

Hail to the king man.

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Some original quotes by me

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"It is better to fail in originality, than it is to succeed in imitation."

"I am not a master of animating, one cannot be a master if he doesn't know everything. I am only a student master, where I learn from my mistakes and learn to become better."

"I will be famous for something one day! I just don't know for what and for when it will happen."

"Respect is the key to being a known creator on this god forsaken site. If you don't have respect, you will never get anywhere near popular on here."

"Just because @nthony is the most known and greatest respected creator on this site. It doesn't mean everything he says and advises you to do is right. You learn on your own and not let the ignorance of others get in your way of making your own style." (No offense Anthony)

These are all quotes by me. I hope to set an example of a wise creator that made his way to the top by the respect my fans and friends give me.


Sometimes even the best fall on there ass. You just gotta get back up until you succede.

When you are in trouble and your back is against the wall. Never back down. Keep going until you reached the end.

My name is KingBowser, and I am a true Badass.


Male, I don't know anyone else who is a girl that would call themselves King Bowser


I'll put it as a math equation. 2 x 2 + 10 = That's for you to figure out.


A day or two before Halloween.

Blood type

Who needs blood, I have wiring.


Gardening, drawing, and playing my Tenor Saxophone on the weekends.

Place of residence


Place of birth



Drawing, playing video games, playing my Tenor Sax, and finding some way to annoy my sister.

Special skills

I learn things really fast.


Mostly English, but I can speak some Spanish, French and a little bit of Japanese.