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UPDATE: I've officially determined my 21st Anniversary Celebration piece for the Sonic series; an origin file explaining a lot of things we don't know about the series in theory. Meet the main cast (To be updated later) Here:

Layla - A demi-goddess, she opens the road to Sonic's journey as she walks a grief-filled road unknowingly.

Temporal - A demi-god, he created the time stones with the legendary "Staff of Solaris". He is unaware of a fate he did not foresee.

Ankh - A demi-god, and a paciphist, Ankh created the World Rings and Arabian Nights. He does not realize what his fate is.

Mobicra - The supreme god of Mobius.

Destral - A demonic ruler and Mobicra's evil brother.

??? - Who is this enigma stalking our three heroes in the shadows?