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My name is Anya and my best friend told me about hatena and then I had to get a dsixl and I can't get enough of it! I am a christian and LOVE to sing ride my horses work with any type of animal, making goals for myself such as: planning to be a teacher, going on a huge amazing adventure, being one of the most famous singers, acting, going on several mission trips, going to: the amazon river, china, japan, alaska, newyork, calafonra, africa, florida( to work with dolphins),costa rica, Arizona,and lots MORE!!!! I'm a TOTAL tomboy, spunky free spirited girl, I want to do something important with my life, but most importantly make it to heaven with the family, friends, and the God I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite movies are: Anastasia, another cinderella story, courages, the little mermaid, freshman father. My hobbies: playing with my sisters dog, singing, swimming, spending time with my best friend and her family, camping, dreaming, and falling in love!!!! lol. my favorite songs are only hope, cry, journey to the past, once upon a december, at the begging with you, a moment like this, at last I see the light( oh yeah one of my favorite movies was tangled) anyways, I wanna dance with somebody,listen to your heart, and lots more!!!!!!! well that's about it :D!!!!!!!!!