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My name is feud999, and my anniversary for my hatena is December 25th. I started out horrible for my animation but so far I am doing pretty good. When I started out everyone was a little eh... so people with good animations back then was favorited and starred a lot. Nowadays its always a few good spin-offs and a few good original flipnotes, and 95% of them are Justin Bieber and star begging flipnotes... Soon on my 100th flipnote anniversary I am going to post a flipnote on my progress. Kinda like Gizmo did. I remember his name, his first Hatena name, it was Brian, wasn't it? Anyway, I hope I get better in animation and soon become famous like Nearshot, afro-toad, Gizmo, Boss, Silverwolf, 8-Bit, Hoot, iiSmashBro, Inuyasha, Philip, sacuL, RetroNonse, JRcmxtm, Marshall, Jessica, Supa-Lexi, and tons of other famous people. :D

ALSO, I FINALLY GOT A POPULAR FLIPNOTE!!!!!!!! After about 1 and a 1/2 of a year, This flipnote called The Ball, which everyone likes, finally got popular. :D

My Goals:

500 Fans achieved

1,000 Fans achieved

5,000 Fans nope :P

10,000 Fans nope :P

30,000 Fans majorly nopage :P


Blue Stars Achieved

Purple Stars Nope :P

Favorited by Gizmo LULULUL fail nope

Favorited by 2kano113 Yeperz :D

Favorited by BosS Lululul like hes gonna see my flips

Favorited by Anthony Nope

Favorited by Silverwolf nopes

Favorited by Xach lululu nope

Favorited by fred he starred one of my flips, but nope

Reached 100,000 stars Yep

Reached 1,000,000 stars yep

Reached 10,000,000 stars nope

Reached 30,000,000 stars (lolwut) noppppeee


Well, those were my goals, which 80% of them I will probably not reach. :P