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Number of Channels:1(Firechild`s Official Channe l)

Most Favorite Amercian Creator:Anthony

Most Favorite Japanese Creator:Y Dash

Most favorite Eurpoen/Oceania Creator:???


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I`m so glad that i`m in Hatena. I want to thank Nintendo for making the DSi and Flipnote Studio, my mom for getting me an Dsi for Christmas, my favorite Creators for inspiring me to register to Flipnote Hatena, and my Fans for helping me along the way.Thank You

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Updates:I finally got a citizenship.1 word:Amazing.

Original Character(s):Firechild,Dracko,Light the hedgehog

Characters:Icekid,Windboy,Jasmine,Jeremy,Eddie,Jordan,Jyro,Dark the hedgehog,Makayla,Hira,the Patrick bro.s,the Color brothers,Dino the baby Chao,Goombido