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Hai dere, I'm $ky. $kyChao rlly, anyways.... I'm a sky blue and black sonic chao with blue pheonix wings. I might start doing requests but idk yet. I try to post once a week (well, month now), and I have a few MVs coming soon. Btw, school has started for me again.. So.............. Nyen. :b

Info cuz me bored:

R/l name: .......(guess dB it has 3 letters, starts with C, and is NOT CAT XD)

Fav. song(s): R-kade Taste of Heaven & R-kade Intergalactical High

Fav. Singer(s): R-kade and S3rl

Fav. show: Gravity Falls

Fav. color(s): Green and blue

Fav. pkmn: I think purrloin, idek :l

Fav. animal: Dragons, wolves, pheonix, and the unicorn (heck yes)

Fav. games: Pokemon games, Sonic games, Pikmin games, minecraft, and mostly Techno Kitten Adventure!!! Ehtz ehmazin(amazing) broski :D

Fav. music: Techno, hardcore, happy hardcore, freeform, and songs by R-kade

Age: 12 (I will be 13 in a month)

Gender: Female

Loves: music, drawing, animating, Minecraft, chao, randomness, cats

Hates: JB, girly girls, pink, stalkers, stealers, FR's, and school...


DJ Snivy-x


Blue Snivy






DubzHero-x (my cousin)

Fear-x (my brother)


Soul-x (flare-x)







Another person named Crystal


.......that's all I can think of right now...

I am too lazy for goals........ DX

Nyen nyen nyen, da dee do, herp derp derrrrrrr, la di da, wut da faq...?

So I heard yew liek Mudkips, eh?

If you said no: F#&$ THIS TABLE!

(/°□°)??? ┻━┻

If you said yes: F#&$ THIS TABLE ANYWAYS!

(/°□°)??? ┻━┻


Wazzap sez da cat.

Teh sky sez thee dog.

No wai! sez da cat.

Yus wai. sez thee dog.

Prove eht. sez da cat.

I liek turtles. sez thee dog.

zebra, oh ma gaaaad. sez da cat.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaat. sez thee dog.

I dun like dis table.... sez da cat.

Me neither says the dog. -flips table-

(/°□°)??? ┻━┻

Do you like cats? Do you like techno? Do you like rainbows and unicorns and flashy stuff? You should try the game Techno Kitten Adventure! Ehts amazing and really fun! And it should've maybe said se!zure warning but who cares? :3 But if you do have the game already, I will love you. Jk, but I would've given you a cookie or something.. Idek. d:

Then the lama ran into the tv,

the cat fell down the stairs

and the dog unleased gas(lol) up a tree

to get away from the burnt toast

the stairs meowed

the cat spazzed

the dog started moo'ing and flew to space

then got hit by TacNayn

The EnD

My deer got ran over by my grandma~ no wait....... O.Oll

Le Derp

If you hire a horse to paint your house,

you will find your cat on fire.

Don't have a cat? Now you know why.

My bad, that was probably uncalled for. IDK. jkkshfjaeruaklfyh. Ur welcome...? I guess... Imma go work on some MV's now and try not to make them psychopathic XD Ok??? Wish me luck... Or not.Random filler coming soon......... X3


No wait--


[O.o] -O rly?


  • ''-''-


[T.T] -Ya rly


  • ''-''-


[O.O] -NO WAI!


  • ''-''-

Yuss.. Ok bai. XD