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Hello fans! STOP READING. NOW. OR I WILL REPORT YOU. Ha ha! You actually fell for that! Anyways, here are my goals:

Bronze Hatena Citizen

Flip in most Popular (I have a flip with 2,300 stars, but it never got there >:U)

Get faved by a famed creator (DONE, U KNO WHO faved me, as well as BRUT4LXM45.)

Get a creator rank that isn't the symbol - (Done twice, but never stuck)

Chat with a famed creator (chatted with Splash, Zeeky and Anthony once)

People YOU should fave:

BRUT4LXM45 (too bad he quit..)


Me. (I ish sooo evil >:D)

That's it. .-.

Well, nothing else to report. Bye now! >fT<

↑ N!CK ↓