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BlueStacks is the best emulator software. Anyone can use this software. The best Android emulator for Windows PC and without doing any delay. Let me just show you the best Android emulator which is BlueStacks.

This is my personal opinion and I'm not just saying that BlueStacks is the best Android emulator. I will give you the reasons why okay and how the BlueStacks is the best Android emulator as of now.

This is the year and yes the BlueStacks is the best Android emulator in my opinion and I will give you the reason and one more thing I need to clear out because I'm saying too good about the BlueStacks.

This is just my personal opinion.

I used to make a video on best Android emulators and all that years ago. I think one or two years ago but I used to hate BlueStacks so much because it was ugly and there were so many ads on the home page and all that.

You can see in the screenshot. This is the old BlueStacks and it looks so ugly and that was the most common reason why I used to hate BlueStacks but now you can see by yourself how the BlueStacks looks. I think in my opinion I don't know if this is only to my eyes you know if you compare BlueStacks with another Android emulator side-by-side.

You can say that it has a better user interface it looks clean much cleaner than any other Android emulator okay and the look and feel is just great in BlueStacks and one more thing.

I have not installed another Android emulator in my system to do the side-by-side comparison because I have a reason okay let me give you the reason. I never thought that this would happen to other Android emulators let me just give you the straight names okay.

I strongly believe the most popular Android emulators are Knox BlueStacks and you okay these are the most popular Android emulators used by many many users. But there is a reason why I have not installed them because of my antivirus default antivirus by Microsoft Windows. more info. just follow this.

Defender detects them like a virus or unwanted software let me show you the detail here previously you know I was thinking about to make a video on best Android emulator. I know this is enough. But you can also follow Bluestacks tips. I was gonna list them like number one number two number three but it didn't happen I had to choose only one because you can see by yourself here.

It was like almost a week ago its 27th. I believe yes 27th and I installed the Knox player in 21st and you can see here my wood and divider cells that. This Knox player is potentially unwanted software and in details it says and this program has potentially unwanted behaviour.