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well im nice i think. i have alot of friends on here. if your not my friend on here then you should be.

i want to say thank you so verry much to all my fans and people that have gave me stars thank you so much guys! XD

now if you dont mind, im going to write a story

once there was a time that two little boys lived in a place called morgonka. the boys names where Tilden and Seth. seth was a man of power but he was a nerd, he droped out of school at the age of three because teachers didnt like him. now here is a ticked of rap

Seth: i droped out of school at the age of three

Tilden: why!?

Seth: because a teacher tryed to player hate on me

Tilden: oh


good right... no.... i think we should just get on with the story now.

so at the age of 3 seth was out of school and then at the age of 108 he died.... sad story. oh and if you are wondering what happend to that tilden kid.... well no one really knows what happend to him

bye. oFTo

i love you my little lemond drops