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Hallur! My name is ClawEffect and i'm a 12 year old girl from England. I love metal, death metal, speed metal, nu metal... so really... All kinds of metal.

So yeah, i love rock music and guess who my favourite band is? Clue time!

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The answer is:


<3 They are the best band to ever roam this earth! <3

Andy (Andrew Dennis Biersack) is the best singer alive :D

Band Members:

Andrew Dennis Biersack (Lead Singer)or Andy Biersack

Ashley Purdy (Bass guitar and Backing singer)

Jacob Pitts (Lead Guitar) or Jake Pitts

Jeremy Ferguson (Guitar/violin) Or Jinxx

Christian 'Coma' (Drums) Or CC

Moving on... sadly Dx hehe, I absolutely adore wolves and all canines really.

I'm on Deviant ART and my name is: ClawEffect. :3 Easy to remember, huh?

My awesome friends on Flipnotes:

Aftermath (I know her irl)




El Diabla








Sorry if i didn't put your name, I STILL LAHV CHUUUU! <3 xD

I do not like My Little Pony, i just think its funny when people make fun of it, SORRY TO ALL PONY FANS! (random, much?)

Back to music naow (WOO! :D) Favourite bands (NOT in order of liking!)

1.Black Veil Brides (Concert count: 0)

2.My Chemical Romance (Concert count: 0)

3.Bullet For My Valentine (Concert count: 0)

4.Avenged Sevenfold (Concert count: 0)

5.Lamb of God (Concert count: 0)

6.Falling In Reverse (Concert count: 0)

7.Rammstein (Concert count: 0)

8.Panic! At The Disco (Concert Count: 1)

9.Fall Out Boy (Concert count: 0)

10.LeATHERMOUTH (Concert count: 0)

11.Atreyu. (Concert count: 0)

12.Linkin Park (Concert count: 0)

Yeah, i've only been to one concert T^T I reeeeeeeallly want to go to see Black Veil Brides <333333333333333333333333333

P!ATD were awesome though and I went with Aftermath to see them.

Anywhoo, Ima stop telling you my life story naow xD

See ya! :)

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