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Hey Guys :P

Im not that good at drawing lol

This is my Hatena Haiku page: http://h.hatena.com/id/Fuze

Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/TechnoFreakCPMV

I Also play Club Penguin not much anymore =)

Feel free to post onto mah page here: http://h.hatena.com/id/Fuze

add Stars and Comments :P

1 Green = 1000 stars

1 Red = 5000 stars

1 Blue = 10,000 stars

1 purple = 15,000 stars

Takes me half an hour for 5000

hour for 10,000

2 mins for 1000

and 1 hour and a half for 15,000

i have a secret for adding starrss!!