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Self introduction - Youll be able to contact wow once you full the mandatory structure. Its a bad idea, but nothing in the tree structure prevents it. As much detail a dev team can put into a game world, there are going to be gaps. My husband loves to raid - its his favorite thing to do in game. I guess my whole point is that instead of observing what the players are doing and trying to change behavior by artificial means, why not let the players do their own thing? I guess we all saw this coming the moment they announced they were going to release Classic. I cant imagine someone going into a raid for any other reason, because it seems quite silly that youd devote that much time to a game of all things, and not have some genuine fun. If you go back to the Theory of Fun presented above, this is the exact opposite of how a good game should act. Classic is fun because I find great people to do content with. Its entirely transient, with people being added to and leaving groups as necessary. Most raids I didnt even get around to experience current-content the first time around, because I wasnt in a raiding guild and I dont recall PUG raids being anywhere near as common back then as they seem to be now. This is artificially propped up by Blizzard, even though the most popular expansions (BC, Legion, W...