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Name: Jazmin

Main Fan Character: Neon the cat

Age: 12

Country: New Zealand

Boyfriend: Jason / Jaxson the hedgehog

Hyper Shinx: Hey guys! Hyper here! At the moment me and Jazmin are making a few music flips! we hope ya like 'em! please comment and give stars on our flips kay? Thanx! seeya!

My Sonic Fan/Original Characters:


Neon the cat

Jazmin the Wolf

Ginger the Vixen

Nicole the Hedgehog

Carla the Hedgehog

Cloud the Cyber Raccoon (robot)

Sapphire the Cyber Raccoon (robot)

Rose the Cyber Raccoon (robot)

Aqua the Echidna

Teal the Vixen

Echo the Hedgehog

Sky the Hedgehog

Eclipse the Tiger

Star the Tiger

Moonlight the Vixen

Ashley the Ferret

Emerald the Hedgehog

Alex the Bat


Leif the Hedgehog

Cole the Hedgehog

Brodie the Hedgehog

Dilan the Rat

Bleach the Hedgehog