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Hellow There!!! I'm ★Waffles☆, and I'm here, on hatena, to bring happiness for people! ( not really .3. ) Anywaaaayzzzzz...

About me.... :

Name: Ines.

Age: 12. ( problem? -.- )

B-day: 19th March.

Country: Portugal.

I can talk: english, portuguese, spanish, italian, french, swedish, dutch, japanese and chinese.

Hatena! :

ID: GirlFighter9

Password: You wish --'

Best friend(s):


  • Red pika☆;
  • spyrodrago;
  • Tiago;
  • Laura©~♪;
  • YoBro™;
  • Mms☆;
  • zara™☆;
  • Pokeshadow;
  • ▼Mira▲;
  • trip;
  • Tofu;
  • Alli☆Ya◎Ï;
  • Bia~;
  • °※Alina※°;
  • Yuri;
  • flash, and much more!

My "story":

I started hatena stealing flipnotes, but ☆zara™☆ just told me to don't copy, and I was a big fan of her, so I decided to do my own flipnotes. She's my fav. creator *-* Anyway, yeah, my first own flipnote was one thing saying: I<3U. Weird... o.O kk, let's keep talking! xD ( or not :L )

Favorite creators: go search them on my favorite crators list o.o'

Okay, that's all!

Cya! .3.