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Hai! You are now reading the profile of Invader Tenn! Congrats. I am an 11 year old human earth child, and I am perfectly normal. My favorite music artists are Linkin Park, 3dg, Vocaloid, Skrillex, Dj Okawari, and Vocaloid. My favorite vocaloids are Megpoid Gumi and Rin Kagamine.

I like:


Dj Okawari

Aviator goggles

String Theory




Invader Zim





Warrior cats

Rock music

Advanced math

8-bit music

Chicken Smoothie (The website)

Shugo Chara (It's an anime)

Fullmetal Alchemist



I dislike:

Country/western music (MYEEEEHHH)

Internet fails


Most pop (Owl City's ok)

Being lonely

When people use black dots for a percent sign (look closely. % Looks like a fraction.)

Educational tv for little kids


Fave songs:

Last Night, Good Night- Hatsune Miku (of course, I like Luka's better...)

Meltdown- Rin Kagamine

Kokoro- Rin Kagamine

Leave out all the rest- Linkin Park

Love is War- Hatsune miku

Ri0t- Three Days Grace

Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day

Last to Know- Three days grace

Gone Forever- Three Days grace

Shadow of the day- Linkin park

Em0 Em0 [Nightcore]- Santa Maffy

Disappearance of Hatsune Miku- Hatsune Miku

Gemini- Rin+Len Kagamine

Imaginary- Evanescence

Like You- Evanescence

Cirno's Perfect Math Class- IOSYS

Maiden's Capriccio [Touhou IaMP]- ZUN

Coward Montblanc by Gumi Megpoid

Love-Colored Magic [Touhou UNL]-ZUN

Here is a list of my ocs.

Invader Zim Ocs:

Tenn: My first oc. Her appearance is pretty much that of your average everyday irken with no special physical traits. Her personality is gentle, but sometimes aggressive. She hates seeing others suffer, and is very self-conscious. Likes being away from a huge amount of people, but doesn't like being too lonely. She likes to spend most of her time wandering abandoned cities. Tenn grew up to be in the Irken Military, and was sent to Meekrob. And later, well, you all know how she was exposed in the mail mishap. But after the whole thing was resolved, Tenn was reassigned to Earth. She is also fairly small and weak, but she makes up for it with her agility and knowledge about combat.

Seth: Tenn's sir unit. He has red eyes, and an irken insignia on his head. On the tip of his antenna, there is a red diamond. His disguise resembles a german shepherd.

Tez: My second irken. He has blue eyes, and his sleeves are completely black. The rest of his shirt is blue. He has a friendly personality, and spends most of his spare time hanging out at Tenn's house.

Ritu: A kind irken. Has red eyes, a purple uniform, and a scar on her eye. She also has zigzag antennae. Isn't seen much, and has a friendly nature.

Tai: Ritu's best friend. He has black and red sleeves, and an irken insignia on his shirt. There is also a lightning bolt on his head. Has a similar personality to Ritu.

Lena: Once was called Ren, but I had to change her name when my friend made the irken named Renn. A shy, timid irken, and isn't too social. Her eyes are blue, and has black sleeves with light blue gloves.

Mia: A Zenthornian. Greatly despises all irkens, and works in the military. She has a single robotic eye and a circuitry tube (like Tak's) on the side of her head. On her neck is a single patch of light blue fur.

Zirx: A solitary irken who used to be a scientist working on The Massive. He eventually left to invade Earth. He has zigzag antennae, and there is a utility belt around his waist and shoulder. His gloves are blue. His personality is mostly aggressive, but has been spotted in playful moods.

Blaze: Zirx's SIR unit. Has a yin yang on his head, blue eyes, and stripes around his head, body, and legs. He is serious, and was programmed to do as Zirx commands him.

Alice: A kind irken that likes to help people. Has a spade mark on her head, sloped antennae that curl back, a club mark on her shirt, and hearts on her boots. Her eyes are purple. Owns four SIR units, one for each mark of the card.

Sp♠de: A serious SIR unit that belongs to Alice. Has red spades on his antennae, head, shoulders, and body.

D♦amond: Another one of Alice's SIRs. Has a similar mark pattern to Sp♠de, but with blue diamonds. Solitary, but helpful.

C♣ub: (Her name is pronounced Club.) Has a mark pattern like Sp♠de and D♦amond, but with green clubs. Playful, sweet, and hyper.

He♥rt: Has a mark pattern like the 3 other SIR units that belong to Alice, but with pink hearts. Personality is just like Cl♣b's.

Lune: Another irken. Has a personality like Alice's. One eye is like that of a normal blue irken, while the other is light blue with dark pupils. Her shirt is blue with a yin yang, and one antennae is normal while the other one is zigzag. Both antennae have beads shaped like stars and spheres. One of her sleeves is black with a white glove, and the opposite goes for the other. Was originally a DNA test Tenn started, but was given to Alice to be raised as her sibling.

Kairu: Used to be called Kika, but I believed the name was too "girly". Has one cracked eye that is darker than the other. Her antennae have blue moons on the tips, and has another moon on her head. There is a star shape on her body. Shy, but kind. Has the ability to conjure ice, and can manipulate the temperature of water.

Blackout: A friendly irken. Despite this, he likes to be alone. There is a yin symbol on his head, and wears a black jacket.

Ziv: A shadow irken. His skin is slightly darker than usual, and his eyes have an eerie glow. This actually gives him the ability to induce sleep at will. His antennae are zigzag, and wears a black shirt with a gray scarf. Solitary, and likes being alone a lot.

Noni: Ritu's younger brother. He is shy, and is often over emotional. Wears a black jacket, and his antennae are shaped in a pattern similar to lightning bolts.

Winterpaw: [EDITED] My Warrior cat. Her pelt is black, has white paws and ears, and a white-tipped tail. Has icy blue eyes. When she was only a month old, she was taken from Windclan in a raid, but escaped. Now a loner.

Renn: An irken that belongs to my friend. Her eyes are blue, and has zigzag antennae. Wears a black jacket, and there is a black star on her head.

Lunar: My other friend's oc. Has pink eyes and a pink shirt. Her antennae are in a zigzag shape, and her gloves are red. She is kind, but hyperactive.

Solana: Lunar's SIR. Has pink eyes, and her body is somewhat shaped like a dress. Has heart symbols on her antenna, shoulders, and body. The only thing I find strange is that long ago, I made a SIR named Shea that looked exactly like Solana.

Kellyn: My first human. She is another one of Dib's cousins, and has an apathetic personality. Despises irkens, like Dib. Is an inch shorter than him, and has long brown hair. Has hazel eyes, a black and orange jacket, and wears thinwire glasses. She is often considered a hikikomori, since she spends most of her time in her lab (it's also her room, but since she's a chemistry fan, I think you know why XD ) down in her basement, and comes out only for important things or for school. She believes her cousin is usually strange, but often listens to him. She has never told anyone besides her cousins about the Irken Empire.

Srye: A young Irken, about 8 irk years old. She wears a red shirt with no stripes, and light pink gloves/boots. Her antennae don't curl, and has two feathers tied to one. Her eyes are a pale shade of lavender with even paler shine in it. This indicates that she is blind. When she was young, she was abducted, and converted into a test subject. She tried to escape, and lasers kept hitting her eyes, causing her to be incapable of sight. She was found wandering around in the woods, and now relies on her hearing for survival.

Rush: A female wolf, about 19 years old. Her fur is mostly white, save for her black ears and the nu(lear sign on her back, which indicates she can manipulate nu(lear radia.tion. Her eyes are gold. She is very serious, and most of the time she only trusts those who are in her pack, or her closest friends. She is usually emotionless.

Zephyr: A young male irken, about 8 years old. He has deep green eyes, and his shirt is gray. One of his sleeves is long, like one from a jacket, while the other seems to be part of a normal irken uniform. He has a white star on his forehead. He occasionally is capable of manipulating wind. When he was young, he was trapped in a warz0ne. He was taken as a war prisoner, and kept inside a lab for four years. While she was searching it for information, Tenn discovered Zephyr and took him back with her. Soon after, though, he was k!lled. He now spends time trying to drive the people he hates to insanity.

Okay, Time for random facts about me.

1. I occasionally pronounce "Interesting" in an unusual manner.

2: I hate PvP. (for all you minecrafters)

3: I think I am a Yandere.

4: Sometimes I call my cat "Demon" Because he is a black cat.























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