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I love to draw! I'm so intrested in art... that I'm in a art class! So my favorite thing to do art with is oil pastels. They are sort of like crayons, but a little different. I have 1 brother,10 cats and a dog. My cats names are Skippy, Midnight, Fay, Jamie, Sassy, Monkey, Kitty hiss a Lot, Oliver, Cutie, and Spots. My dogs name is Shiloh. By the way, when people hear her name they think she is a Beagale. In this case she is a collie. I like to play soccer and do my Karate class. Karate can be hard but it's fun. I love making stories and poetry. I speak English and Japanese. I also make flipnotes about Japanese speakings to tell others how to speak it. My favorite food is cheese, but most likely I will eat bread. I also like to read mystery and scary books. My favorite book is Savvy. It's about a girl who has a family who has a power. She dosen't have one so she is on a quest to find her savvy. I love Flipnote Hatena, it's so much fun. I'm glad I have it!