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Ok, HI! I'm an 11 year old boy who loves drawing, (well kinda.. heh heh....) even though I'm not the best at it. So, Hatena is a great place for other people to see my drawings and give me feedback, so I can Improve!

And in case you were wondering, (i doubt you were) Ari is my name, and in case you were also wondering, (once again i HIGHLY doubt it) Gunners ISNT part of my name or anything. I love soccer A lot, and I have to say, Im really good. So, I watch soccer ALL THE TIME, and one of my favorite team is the Arsenal Gunners (after Chelsea). So i chose that as my ID. I even have an Arsenal soccer jersey that Has my name and number on the back! ITS AWESOME!


i had these for breakfast but thay kept telling me that they wanted some more lucious syrup on there juicy butter. im never going down that road again