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Self introduction - Blog reader Mel Gibsokarton translated some memoirs of Russian painter Konstantin Korovin, which included this story of Anders Zorn (Swedish, 1860-1920) in Russia. But I think they largely avoided those pitfalls and came up with a book thats authoritative, encompassing, and yet still accessible, with something to satisfy the eye and the mind of almost any reader. So watch your words and think before you say something that is not very nice. Some say GANs are superficially impressive but that the method has hit a wall, and it cant begin to rival the complexity and sophistication of the human brain. If you are a writer looking for a fun way to get your short stories published, look no further! When the narrative goal was added, the players thinking was changed from doing stuff to get the story going to doing stuff because of the story. I also recommend doing your own tests. James Gurney: Yes, I am concerned about this, especially when Im doing work that will be exposed to light. James Gurney: No, you can definitely paint straight on the paper. This combination of tools allows the linear marks that the pencils can provide, as well as the accurate values and light effects that you can get with paint. The team opted to define illustration broadly as visual communication through pic...