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~~~~~╚══╩═╩═╩═╩═╩╩╩╩═╝~~~~~Hello! I'm $i$$y! I love making flipnotes about animals or pokemon, or both! I LOVE pokemon and animals. My favorite animal is a chinchilla (which is not in any of my flipnotes.) My favorite pokemon is a Minnicino (which is a chinchilla pokemon.) I have a pet rat named Licy (who was named after a rat that I used to have named Licorice.) Licorice's nickname was Licy because she liked to lick people and it was part of her name. I always wanted a chinchilla as a pet, so when I grow up, I'll be a chinchilla breeder. I also have two pet hamsters. Their names are Bon-Bon and Ashe. Ashe is really easy going. He might be death or blind, I'm not sure:( He is a teddy bear hamster. Bon-Bon is really energetic: she loves running in and under (upside down) her wheel. She looks like a lump of tapioka pudding. She has extra skin that makes her look fat. Because she is a Russian Dwarf Fancy Hamster. She likes to go in a tiny pot that she can barely fit in. Rawr is my catch-phrase. My real name is Alexandra. Sissy is my real nickname. My first hatena friend ever is SilverThorn. My favorite food: raspberries. My favorite activity: art. My favorite school activity: Math. My favorite color: Brown. Hope you like my flips!:D :) ;) ;D .FT.