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Hello .U. ! My name's Monny :V (Not Money Money Money by ABBA u__u'), I'm 14 years old and I'm French . (but always dreamed to be American :O)

I like drawing (of couurse >W<) and I draw much better on paper uu' . I loove Japan and mangas :D I prefer shonen to shojo >w< But I like them both ^^ One of my best friend watches yaoi and she told me about it xD I just began to read some scan of Junjou Romantica (yaay! I finished chapter 1! xDD) and my BFF started to be hysteric xDD She's so craazy and otaku XD

I love music! It's all my life >W< I like many categories of music, I can listen to rock (+metal, punk, etc.), pop, r'n'b, k-pop & j-pop :D And more x]

I love traveling :3 I wanna visit all the states of the USA >W< (just impossible .__. lol) Btw, my favourite states are California & Arizona *-* Because it is always hot >W< Also there's the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which is DA BEEEST place in the world :V It is soo beautiful <3

I'm on Hatena since a year and more I think .w. At the beggining, I didn't understand anything xD So I gave all my coloured stars to flips which didn't really deserve it .. :c (stupid me.) Also, I am very lazy. I can take about a month to make a flip with only some fail-random-useless drawings -A-

Btw, why am I called Snoopy? XD Just because I wanted to change my user name and there was Snoopy on my pull-over and on my bed (yay, I have a Snoopy teddy bear XD) so I decided to change it to Snoopy c: (but I'm not really a fan of snoopy xD)

I think that's all. Thx if you read my boring description xD. Byee ~.