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hey allz!!!

it's me,Laura!:P

da one.and unique.Laura.ಠuಠ


huuum..about me..

imma girl.

imma french girl.

imma human.

i live in our galaxy,on earth.

i leik catz

l leik mah blue dsi

i leik my friends

i leik a lot of things XD

but i don't like when ppl use the word "it" for animals they are not objects wich are not alive,they are alive creatures.i think they deserve to be treated as such.

i am a creator which usualy do mvs.because i luv musik :P

bu my screen is actually broken :'/ no mvs for now >_<

but i am trying to making an epic one wich is clouding my head anyway.

my Oc Felicia.my angel cat CB

daw she's so lovely at every1.she's the inverse of what am i dB

her boyfriend's Lucifer.da dem on cat.

no,da devil's cat.he's aughy and arrogant.

his en emy is Karistus.the great wings of punishe ment.(B no wonder he's his enemy,with all the b0ollsh*ts Lucifer did.... X'D

d4mn it,K4ristus's so hor rible at everyone.XD

and then there's Aika.da guardian of the time :P

she's very funny and like to play :P

but she's usualy with Karistus.who doesn't like to play at all ಠ_ಠ

poor her <XD

there's Cyriis too.the wolf from America.he's separate into two paarts;

an evil one,wich is awake and a pure one,wich is asleep.

what would happen to him if the pure one awaked?

i know.ya don't!!!dB

to finish,there's Lantz.

my only normal cat.he used to be good.and then he became insane.and then he became cool. the end.that's why i don't make mvs with him anymore.

or maybe i'll do another one one day.

that's it i guess.

oh no!

here's my friend list:








my friends know who they are...

but my favs creators don't :P

so here's a list of them(NOT IN ORDER,EXEPT FOR CHIRIN):

...that's all?

i am in the Homestuck Group!!dB<

da best motherf*cking homestuck group eva *megustaface*

here's the members!!>:P :

tr!ckySoda (id: Rhythmay)(<= da boss (B)

Tav-Leafy (id: YoshiLeafy)

Littlefox (id:Littlefox)

☆KaTz☆ (id:LadyBoo)

Zelda (id:MiniBerry1)

LozzToon (id:lozztoon)

Shed.Mov (id:SHED_MOV)

Twiggy♪ (id:twiggy35)

Yui~ (id:Hi-L3l)

$ilvërT@G (id:SilverTAGstar)

Anaïs (id:LILI38)

Striderpeh (id:DJSimsProductions)

Laura©~♪ (id:Heartqueen)(<= me XD)

my bests flips:

http://flipnote.hatena.com/95236D90A0FA1E28@DSi/movie/FA1E28_0AD3C610C561B_014?in=user(radio Hard core)

my first popular flip (rank 136) 17 of jully -2011


http://flipnote.hatena.com/95236D90A0FA1E28@DSi/movie/FA1E28_0AF275AD21B57_019?in=user(Whispers in the dark) 01 of september -2011

inspiration:Giacomo the hedgegog

http://flipnote.hatena.com/95236D90A0FA1E28@DSi/movie/FA1E28_0B12EA01A00D3_036?in=user(insanity) 22 of october -2011


http://flipnote.hatena.com/95236D90A0FA1E28@DSi/movie/FA1E28_0B5559927DB85_018?in=user(you're gonna go far kid) 26 of january -2012


My channels:

Laura's official channel

my channel of randomness.everything can be posted here.

UPDATE:you must post your flip here if it is a collab with me.for more details,read my two flips i made wich tells the rules if you want to do a collab with me.

Best of epicness

the channel where you can ONLY post exellent flips.or flips which you worked hard on.or it'll be delink.

but do not worry,it's not like i delink all the flips i see there.if it's a good mv,it is suffisant,but it must have more than 4000 stars on it and being well animated.if you are REALLY afraid to be delink from me,u can ask me if your flip is good enough to be there.but i prefer when it is a surprise ;)

collabs in progress:

flips in progress:

(sorry for the "0%"s,it's because of my broken screen you know..)

YES "ni ke" means "victory" in old greek ಠ_ಠ it is not only a brandname.

¡goals on hatena!:P

100 fans[x]

1000 fans [x]

2000 fans[x](today,the 4 of june,2012!!:D a big thanks to everyone)

3000 fans[]

4000 fans[]

5000 fans[]

6000 fans[]

7000 fans[]

8000 fans[]

9000 fans[]

10000 fans[](<= woaaaa impossible X'D)

being an exemple for some people [x] OuO thankies my awesome fans >U<

being a proudness for the users of the region [x/-] mmh i am femke's :P

being one of the best creators of hatena(aha everyone is allowed to dream...X'D)(i speak 4 the animations and drawings)[]

goals in real life:

being a profesional and known animator[]

drawing realistic[]

drawin till i invent a real and unique style[]

drawing till my de4th[](i don't think i will write this goal as "reach" when it will happen..!<X'D)

being absolutly awesomly epic at drawings.[]

my facebook:ahahahaha

c'mon dude,try to add me,sign your d3ath sentence è_é

my deviantART: http://requiem78.deviantart.com/ (i'll get a tablet soon,normaly)

my pesterchum:emptySeraphin

[09:15:10] ES: so... what would happen if a troll like you would go on earth?:/

[09:15:29] CA: i dont knoww

[09:15:43] ES: you knew it a second ago!!!>:U

[09:16:12] CA: no i didnt

[09:16:15] CA: id kill them

[09:16:21] CA: is that the answwer youre lookin for

[09:16:49] ES: ah...no,i talked about..i don't know how to say it...like..can you breathe out of water?

[09:17:28] CA: no i havve lungs just because i thought theyd be cool to havve DUH A COURSE I CAN

DUUUUUUUUUUUUH Laura how can you be so stoooopiiiiiid ಠ_ಠ

X'D okay it was fun at first.

You're a noob Eridan.ಠ_ಠ

[10:14:36] TC: HeY ThErE MoThErFuCkEr.

[10:14:36] TC: ;o)

[10:15:32] ES: oh yeah!!:P hi motherfuckin' bro .did you plan to make some faygos ?.0.

[10:17:13] TC: Aw sHiT MaN. i dOn'T KnOw hOw tO AlL Up aNd 'MaKe' a bOtTlE Of fAyGo. bUt i dO KnOw hOw tO BaKe sOmE MoThErFuCkInG FaYgO CuPcAkEs.

[10:18:38] ES: OW this is soooo cool dude!!teach me how to master!!!•A•

[10:23:35] TC: SuRe bRo! oKaY, fIrSt yOu nEeD SoMe fAyGo. aNd sOmE MoThErFuCkInG CuPcAkE MiX, aRe yOu sTiLl fOlLoWiNg? YoU MiX ThOsE FuCkErS ToGeThEr iN A BoWl oR WhAtEvEr yOu aLl uP AnD GoT To mIx sHiT In. aNd tHeN StIcK ThEm iN ThE OvEn aNd wAiT UnTiL ThEy'Re dOnE BaKiNg.

[10:23:37] TC: AnD ThErE YoU Go.

[10:24:51] ES: Well,i am going to test thiis immediatly!!:D*trying to do a faygo cupcake* WOW THIS IS A PURE MOTHER FUCKING MIRACLE....!!!!*0*

[10:25:19] ES: *eating it*

[10:25:25] ES: *-*

[10:25:40] ES: i see...rainbows...rainbows everywhere..

receipe from Gamzee :D

never eat more than 1 faygo cupcakes dude,never O_*

) that's all

bye :P

  • Laura





Full name

laura :p




13 almost 14



Blood type






Place of residence

Triel(near Paris(

Place of birth



.-. ......reading and making flips!

Special skills

draw and read really fast


fluent french,some english,a little spanish.