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Okay, I have nothing to do as if right now so I'll just write some stuff about me. :P Well, most people know me as Alyssa or by my nickname Isa. I prefer to get called Alyssa though. I'm very random & crazy around my friends, but shy & quiet(like most people) around others. I'll be in 8th grade in September. I'm in this club at my school, & we help teachers move/pack their stuff of they need it. I'm currently in advanced orchestra in my school & I play the violin.(:

Age: 13

D.O.B.: July 25

Likes: dark & neon colors, drawing, music, origami, candy<3, video games, FOOD Cx, anime, Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby, Hello Kitty:3, singing, being with friends, MLP, big sunglasses B), & tulips.

Dislikes: liars, fake people, unoriginal people, stealers, messy things, hearing notes/instruments out of tune(I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT), misplacing objects that I will need, messing up, people who fail using grammar, & wifi fails.

Other: I'm always on Facebook, I like listening to KPop, I love eating sweets, I hate how I draw, I can't vibrato on my violin(IM TRYING), I like acting as a guy(I'm sometimes mistaken for a guy when I tie my hair back), I like being girly too, & I'm usually very lazy. =v= Oh yes... AND I FRIKKIN' LOVE ONE DIRECTION.<3 :D You're a Directionator? *inappropriate language* (: I love them all equally. True Directioners love all. ^_^ <3

(Updated 6/14/12 10:50 AM)

AHAHAHA- It's my birthday~ :3 <3 I am now 13 years old. :P lol Anyways, that means my contest is closing. I will still accept entries today, just not after 9 PM.(My time. Btw, I'm in CA.) So yeah... :V Well, that's pretty much it. =w= Okay, bye! ;D <3 See you people later or whenever I could get on! xD Bye~

(Updated 7/25/12 12:20 AM)

Okay, so I'm probably gonna be playing my Pokemon Soulsilver for a while sooo, if you want my friend code, just tell me alright?:) My name is Isa.

My code: 1420-0261-9367

On my flipnote, just tell me that you have mine already then just give me yours. Okay then, bye~ !

(Updated 6/27/12 7:28 PM)

I'm bored out of my mind. -_- It's great that we're on summer vacation, but it's just so boring- for me.

Tired of being bored because being bored is boring.

(Updated 7/28/12 10:02 PM)