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Hello. My name is Cynthia Bones Belmont. I am 13 years old and have 12 sibilings. I have 3 sisters named Candace (14), Alice (11), and Celine (9). I have 5 brothers who's names are Felix JR.(26), Axel(24), Marcy(21), Leon(17), and Clemente(13). I also have 2 adopted sisters and 2 brothers named Damian(22), Anette(21), Claude(17), and Renee(15). Me and Clemente are twins. Our birthday is October 31, 1997. My favorite color is black. My favorite numbers are 0,3,4,5,7,and 9. My lucky number is 5. My favorite foods are cookies, tacos, and salsa. My all time favorite band is POD (payable on death). My favorite songs by them are Revolution, Reasons, and Change the World. My favorite plants are cherryblossom trees and chrysanthemums. I live in a 5 story house with 7 bedrooms on floors 2-5. The basement is a studio for our band. Its not the kind of band that you'd normaly think of. I'm the main singer and I play the piano. My sister, Candace, plays the flute, my brother, Leon, plays the clarinet, Alice plays the piccolo, and Clemente also sings and guitar (he plays all kinds; banjo, electric, bass, accoustic). Then in the attic, me and my sisters keep all of our costumes. We love to dress up and stuff. (...continued on `Knight`'s profile...)