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Welcome to my profile! Here is a little bit about myself. I really like hockey, anime, and school. My favourite animes are Bleach, KHR, Baka To test to, and Naruto! I typically do music flipnotes and I do songs that are requested by other creators, or I post songs that I choose to upload! If you want me to do a song request for you, I would be glad to help you out! Just leave the song title and the singer/ band that created it and I'll get on it as soon as possible.

I have plenty of channels. Feel free to check them out and post to them as you see fit. Just please tend to keep to channels rules and don't forget to post to only channels that describe your flip. If you want me to see one of your flipnotes, just post it to my official channel. I check every flipnote in my channel and who knows? I might add some stars to flipnotes posted in my channel. My channel command search is B, R, Down, Up, Right, B.

Highest rank ever on Hatena: 10

I was a gold citizen but it's gone now. That's okay, there was nothing really special about it except that it's just the same ordinary badge with a different colour.