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My name is Holly! :D

My goal on hatena is to make people smile!

NEWSFLASH: I have a new shinigmai chara named Kei! You'll meet him in a reply anyone collab soon!

My buddies:

Melitzer: I wuv you so much sis!!! *hugs*

Abbz: The world's one and only Mask fan girl! You're a girl of good taste! :)

TavLeafy: One of my most loyal buddies!

Twiggy: An amazing drawer and good friend

Sav: My battle buddy XD

Blind: Someone to look up to

Jes: A chibi expert

N!ghtmare: Simply amazing

Mi: Funny friend XD

AliceF: My apprentice lol

Katy: A loyal friend and onee!

Zeddy: Lolololol! :3

Arkangle: Plots expert

Shisho: I trust you w everything!

Freya: Full of energy

I have many more buddies! Sorry if i didnt mention you!

Friends: I love making friends, but please don't beg me!

Collabs: Hell yeah! I'm happy to do any!

I hope this helps you guys to know about me!

That's all! Baiiiii!