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Well , my name is just what it is xP.

I'm 14

4'11 o:

I want a snake ... c:

I don't know what to say so ... How's it goin` ? ohh ... that`s good ... aha idgaf really .

I loveee strawberries like so much .

Favorite Bands: BOTDF°Asking Alexandria°Attack Attack°Snow White's Poi.son Bite°brokeNCYDE°Paramore°Breathe Carolina°Ki.ll Paradise°Cookiebreed°Skrillex°Ellie Goulding°3OH!3°Lady Gaga°Ke$ha°Dot Dot Curve:)°Mayday Parade°iwrestledabearonce°Metro Station°Cash Cash°Jeffree Starr°All Time Low°BVB←Pretteh much it ...

Snow White's Poi.son Bite is like thee best band ... `tis amazing c:

Naming my favorite songs will take too long ... xDD

Favorie Food{s}: Tacos , chicken , and ... buffalo stuff :3

Favorite Drink: Moutain Dew orrr Iced tea and lemonaide combined → like a boss xP .

Favorite ... Animal !: I am in love with Komodo Dragons ... snakes ... and spiders . :3

I guess I like to do peoples hair. Thee end.