I decided to fill this in about me and my characters.Hmm i think I'll just give 6 facts about myself:

1. My real name is Jacquie and I'm 15.

2. My birthday is June 27

3. I love rock and dubstep

4. I'm Canadian/Puerto rican/something else lol

5. I know Spanish, English, and a bit of french.

6. It's so loud inside my head lol no but seriously I haven't slept since June 28 and when i take naps my mom says i start talking to someone unknown i'm a creepy person :')

onsworth we shall go!

Umm i think I'll just name most of my main O.C.'s

Winnie the bat


Eye color- crimson

Fur color- bluish purple with black highlights

Personality- Outrageous, outgoing, skilled, caring, loud, playful etc.

Bio- Not fully known...


Weapon of choice- Gigantic stylus that lets her control peoples shadow and (at night) their minds

Portia the tiger


Eye color- Baby blue

Fur color- Blondish brown

Personality- Shy happy exited caring sensitive loud(sometimes) Smart sweet childish etc.

Bio- Portia had a perfect life in a some what rich family. But she had overprotective parents and all she wanted was adventure so one day she ran away.Soon after she came back and found out her family had been killed.Heartbroken she left to the woods. There she met Spiral and later on met Winnie and her brother storm and she later developed feelings for storm but never told him. later found out he was at war with himself on weather to be bad or good.

Age- 14

Power- psychokinesis

Spiral the hedgehog


Eye color- Blue

Fur Color- Blue and black and white

Bio- Spiral's dad died in a prison fire and his mother broke down after that. Spiral only six helped as much as he could but in a about a few weeks time she died as well. He then went to a foster home. Later on he was adopted at the age of 9. But his family was abusive and one night his foster father grabbed his arm and threw him in the basement. This gave him a scar on his left arm. That night he ran away and lived with hobo's (lol) until he was 12 and then he met Portia who reminded him of his mother so he made himself a promise to keep her safe and alive for what he couldn't have done for his mother. He is know friends with shadow Winnie and Portia .

Age- 15

Power-Can somewhat control time and space?

Storm the bat


Eye color- Greyish blue

Fur Color- Black and white

Bio- Storm is Winnie's older brother who unlike Winnie grew up listening to their dad who had a bit of problems. He also felt that their mother preferred Winnie over him. After the disappearance of his mother he was a bit traumatized of people leaving him alone in the world. He always had a dark mean spirited side that his mother knew about but never let Winnie see it. As he got older it only got worse and one day he snapped and joined the "dark side" But all the time he spent with Winnie damaged her a bit too. He made her believe that their mother was killed and that she should only trust him and his father. But Winnie didn't trust her father at all so she began to wonder about storm. But all these gaps in storms life caused him to became slowly insane.

Age- 17

Weapon of choice-A magic chain that lets him control people and sometimes posses them

I think that's all so yeah please don't steal them :(

Well BYE