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Time to change this thing up. I'm going to give so much information about myself, that your eyes will bleed. >:D

They'll bleed so much that whenever you see the color red, you'll think of ME. dB<

<XD Actually, to tell the truth, I just want my friends and fans to be able to appreciate and get used to who I am~


Let's get started, then, shall we? I hope you like reading. ewe

Alright. Hello there, My name is Gale. I'm twelve years old at the moment. Now, my real name is Joshua, but only my good friends call me that. You can refer to me with it if you'd like, but it would just be awkward. <XD

To get things started, I'd like to say that I'm a VERY nice person. I love to make people happy. Simply seeing a smile on someone's face is what makes my day. And laughter - that's just what makes my world go around. I'll do anything to comfort friends and strangers. Everyone is equal in my eyes, and deserves caring attention.

Take a moment and gaze at the vast world that surrounds you. Not just with your eyes, but with your mind. What do you see? Even if you didn't picture this, there are surely people out there fighting, verbally and physically. I strive to create peace wherever I can. No one deserves to be left behind.

Another thing: I despise when things aren't fair. Think of butter on a slice of bread. If you don't spread the butter out evenly, not all parts of the bread taste the same. My goal is always to get to the point where everyone has what they deserve.

I also love to make friends. Friends are wonderful. They're people you can trust. You can enjoy your life when you're with them. You can make each other happy, and spread your happiness like an epidemic. You can talk to each other about your problems.

I'm a true music-lover. I'll listen to anything, except for genres such as heavy metal or rap. In addition, I play the piano. You'll often find me writing a poem or a story, as well.

Another thing that I love just as much as music is nature. Nature is basically everything that's not manmade. Even us humans are part of it. Sometimes I just like to go outside and watch birds soar through the air. It's relaxing for me to sit under a tree and read a book. I might just take a walk for the fun of it; hum a familiar tune.

Although I may seem very calm and peaceful, I tend to get energetic at times. I'll just randomly burst into a funny, peppy, and eccentric version of myself. It's simply what I am - volatile.

My friends like to call me "The Walking Dictionary." I'm such an English Connoissuer. I always make sure to say things with perfect grammar, spell things correctly, and use complex and descriptive language. However, my friends get confused when I do this, sometimes. I mean, really, do you know that many people that know and can pronounce the largest word in the English dictionary? Well, I'm one of those people. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

It's a lung disease you get from inhaling volcanic ash. <XD

English isn't merely about complex words, but I thought I'd just get that off my chest. dB

That's basically all the information I can pull from my head for the time being. You'll have to talk to me to learn more. Until then~