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Proud to be a Filipino-American! ewe.

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Proud to be a Filipino-American! ewe.

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I WILL BE RETURNING TO HATENA IN NOVEMBER! :D I know this has been happening on and off, but this one may be for sure! :D My DSi was repaired successfully in Manila!

Original description:


Hi! I'm Boomer (That's not my real name.) AND THIS NAME IS USED IN THE CONCEPT OF BOOMER THE DOG FROM THE COMIC "POOCH CAFE" SO DON'T LEAVE COMMENTS SAYING THAT I"m THAT FAT, ZOMBIE THING FROM LEFT 4 DEAD. I live in PA. I am 15 years old and I've loved drawing since I was two years old. At age 3 I've dreamed of making cartoons that everyone can enjoy. Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Hatena made this possible. I guess you can say that its a dream come true! I'm a proud FILIPINO! (From the island of the Philippines) I'm not very well known yet but yes, I'm "IggyKoopa12" on YouTube. On my YouTube Account I've been posting flipnotes for months so I've decided to join Hatena. I'm a "Funny YouTube Skit kind of guy, and I prefer Smosh flipnotes over all! XD I do make occasional Music Videos, but apparently my good friend FleesVeon keeps taking my song ideas >:U But she does a splendid job with them! XD I no longer online date, for I already have a girlfriend at school. :P . Fred, Gizmo, BOSS, islangirl and many other famous flipnote creators inspired me in the past to join hatena and maybe be as famous as them. To my fans and fans-to-be, Thanks for your support!


Q: Can I feature you in a flipnote?

A: Sure! Feel free to add me in any of your flipnotes, any time you want!

Q: Can you please give me stars?

A: I'd be glad to! No color stars though.

Q: Please Check out my flips!

A: I'd love to! Just don't show it to me if its a scam or a stolen flipnote.

Q: Can we be friends?

A: Yeah we can be friends. I like making new friends!

Q: Can you feature me in a flipnote?

A: I will when I have time.

Q: Can you favorite me?

A: I would, but I can't. I favorited too many users already. And most of them are friends so I can't Remove anyone else from my favorites.

Q: Want to chat sometime?

A: Sure! Just arrange a time and date and what flipnote to meet on.

Q: Unlock this please?

A: I dunno...I'm getting sick of people stealing. I might.

Q: Want to hear a joke?

A: Ok. I don't care if its corny either. Filipinos like me LOVE corny jokes.

Q: What Happened to Silver?

A: She and I...moved on.

Q: Are you Single?

A: I am. -W-

CURRENT STATUS: RETURNING! :D Give me till November. dB>

Upcoming Characters:

Petrafina Peacock - Coming to Flipnote Memo (3DS); on dA

Paxton Peacock - Coming to Flipnote Memo (3DS); on dA

Hong - Coming to Flipnote Memo (3DS)

Thea - Re-Appearing in Flipnote Memo; on dA

Johnny - Re-appearing in flipnote memo; on dA

The Barkada - Hatena and Memo; already on dA

Character Biographies:

Iggy- The mafia-looking, main character of mine! He basically reflects off of my personality and background. He got the outfit from when I was into the outfits the Italian Mafia wore! XD He's just an average 15 year old koopaling from the Philippines...not to mention the only Filipino in his ENTIRE school! He is a 9th grader at his school, and used to be constantly made fun of for his Asian Lineage. He fits into American Ways well, and since then, others stopped making fun of him! :P He shows friendliness to everybody, even if they are complete jerks to them. He is also a bit rebellious, and daring as well as funny. Many of his friends are girls but he does have guy friends as well, and he's one of the "Popular Kids" in the social hierarchy! XD

Thea- One of the rarest species of Umbreon, Thea is a Red-Ringed Umbreon and is proud to have German Ancestry! She is known for her "Good Figure" as well as her activeness in her community through a lot of volunteer work. She can sing, dance, act, and is in 10th age 15! She has very little guy friends and she and Iggy are Boyfriend and Girlfriend! She likes him for his "Sarcastic sense of humor" and his ability to stay cheerful no matter what! (This is actually how ALL Filipinos act!) Johnny has a major crush on her, yet knows nothing of her relationship with Iggy! She's very mild and is only comfortable talking with her friends, but she seems to be "Coming Out her Shell" being in this relationship with a "Popular Kid" (Iggy) XD Her father is in the military, and he is VERY overprotective of her and Iggy fears him in this way! oAo She is Moderately Popular in the social Hierarchy. :P

Johnny- An average Shiny Umbreon whose dad fought in the Vietnam War, so he always wears his dad's helmet to show off his Veteran Dad pride. He cares about Iggy's life...too much...and he uses racial jokes to make fun of Iggy's Filipino his face! XD He is very scrawny and pale, and he never does any sports, or even knows a thing about them! All he does is play video games on his PC. :P He claims to be in a relationship with Thea, but her heart really belongs to Iggy. :P He is clueless about her relationship and he only has 3 friends: Iggy, Thea, and Jonas. Social hierarchy status: A lowly Nerd. XD

(More will come when I feel like it! XD Go to my dA account to learn more! XD)

Names I am often called:

Best ranks:

3, 10, 14, 15, 32, and 44 oAo


Full name

Ethan D.


I'm a dude.




November 9


9th grader

Place of residence

Western Pennsylvania

Place of birth



Making flipnotes, drawing, acting, playing video games, playing soccer.

Special skills

Drawing, and acting.


English, Filipino (Ilonggo)

YouTube IggyKoopa12


Fashion liked Zigtech Shoes / A 1950's Italian Mafia Hat
Vehicles liked B-2 Spirit / Honda Element / Scion xB
Things liked My Conch Shell from Cancun / My "Surrealism" clock / My Fedora! / My Wii / My 3DS / My Miniature Filipino Flag / iPad / My Fake Rolex Watch that I Haggled in New York / An Air Conditioner / My Archos 5 Android Tablet / Netbook
Drinks liked Sago / Sprite / Sparkling Grape Juice / Sunkist / Orangeade / Water / Buku Pandan / Cherry Coke
Music liked Bebot by the Black Eyed Peas / Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO / The Apl Song by The Black Eyed Peas / On the Floor by J-Lo / Shake Senora by Pittbull / Shots by LMFAO
Food liked Burritos / Pierogies / Ube / Halo Halo / Danggit / Tilapia / Pigs in a Blanket / Jasmine Rice / Inasal / Sushi / Adobo / Lechon / Dinuguan / Lumpia / Siopao / Leche Flan / Sinigang / Clam Chowder / Tacos / Dumplings / Rambutan / Pizza / Bangus / Sinamak
Web services liked Hatena / Youtube / Squidoo / Hotmail
Actors/Actresses liked Johnny Depp
TV Shows liked My Gym Partner's a Monkey / Monster Quest / American Dad / Regular Show / Warehouse 13 / Futurama / The Amazing World of Gumball / Family Guy / Adventure Time / Hero 108 / Destination Truth / Alphas / CSi / Mythbusters
Characters liked Iggy Koopa / Blu and Jewel / Mr. Bean / Dry Bones / Peacock Queen from Hero 108 / "Boomer" from Pooch Cafe
Location liked Iloilo City, Visayas, Philippines / Beijing, China / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Washington, DC / Hong Kong, China / San Antonio, Texas / Manila, Luzon, Philippines / Niagara Falls, Canada / Philidelphia, Pennsylvania / Burbank, California / Castaway Cay, Bahamas / Incheon. South Korea / Cancun, Mexico / New York City
Movies liked Rio / Clash of the Titans / Happy Feet / I Am Legend / Priest / X-Men, First Class
Comics liked Garfield / The Far Side / Pooch Cafe
Games liked Mario Sports Mix / Mariokart Ds / Mario Party 8 / Mariokart Wii / Pokemon Diamond Version
People liked All my Friends!
Books liked The Dragon Keeper" Series / Guiness Book of World Records / Understanding USA / F in Exams / Ripley's Believe it or Not
Sports liked Soccer / Basketball
Animals liked Mynah Bird / Bearded Dragons / Hermit Crabs / Dogs / Sharks / Fish