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Hey there!~♪

I'm I↓↑usions, and this is my profile! Here's a lil' info!

Main O.C: Illusion the Dimmentional Kitsune (My kitsune sub-species)

Fav. Pairings:

Photosynthisis (Dioxide&Khacy)

(My series The Exposed History)

Sakmato? (Sakura&Yamato, Yamato owned by Cookie[inserthearthere]♪)

(Legend Of Korra Fan Characters)

Borra (Bolin&Korra)

(Legend Of Korra)

Kataang (Katara&Aang)


And some secret ones ^//V\\^

I love Art, Animation, Reading, Certain Anime, Video Games,Rock Alternate music, Most Electronic-like music (e.g Techno, Dubstep,Vocaloid music is what I classify as "Electronic")and using a wonderful device called "Imagination" that I certainly can't live without!

I'm nice most of the time EXCEPT when it involves; Bullies, Thevies, Innapro.priate people/things and Unoriginality. These are just uncalled for. EXSPECAILY the first two and last one!

I always try to be helpful to others, so if you have a question or need tips on something, feel free to ask.

POLITLY please. I don't appreciate rudeness.

See Ya~♪


"The Insanity Never Ends"