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I'm not a kangaroo!

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GOOD DAY, SIR/MAAM! I am ZiE! Not Zim! Cuz I’m not cool enough to be Zim! dB

FanFiction: ZiE-chanXP

deviantART: InvaderZiE

Well let’s learn about me, shall we? dB

Take out your notepads, this is a LOT kiddos!


Invader Zim, drawing, animating, singing, softball, track, Hatena, Friday by Rebecca Black (>:D), my friendlies, dubstep, rock, Evanescence, Linkin Park, being all out random, pizza, FunDip, ice cream, chocolate, nice people, discus, winter, Christmas, Halloween, CANDAAAAYYY, Skrillex, dark blue, pitching in softball, people who CARE, animals, Cows, dogs, meeses, thecomputernerd01 (YouTuber) Turtles, the Percy Jackson series, The Escape from Furnace series, Hetalia, and Mahogany.


WHEN YOU TYPE A EXTREMELY LONG DESCRIPTION THAT TOOK YOU AN HOUR AND YOU ACCIDENTALLY DELETE IT, haters, soda, bugs in my room (yuck!), being sick, being sad, sad people, skool, math, reading, when I work really hard on a flip and some stealer gets more attention than me, mean people, being ignored, when people continuously hate on people like Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black, people who quit Hatena, the backyardagains, improper grammar (like when people go all-so umm yea this is my fipnote no need for stars cuz i dont care enough to put effort into it and like yea) , country music, trolls, people I'm jelly of, and carrots.

Even though I hate skool, I’m a straight A student, so no worries dB

(Wait, lemme get gloves on, my hands are FREEZING :O)

(Kaaaayyyyy I’m good)

Some of my all-time favorite songs are-

Levels by Avicii

Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence

We'll be alright by Travie McCoy

Calabria 2008 by Enur

Sexy and I know it by LMFAO

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Lights by Ellie Goulding

Caramelldansen by Caramell

Equinox by Skrillex

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex

The Catalyst by Linkin Park

Levels-Skrillex remix by Avicii

Hurt by Christina Agulera

Paradise by Coldplay

Fix you by Coldplay

Bangarang by Skrillex

Sally's song by AMY LEE.

Breath of Life by Florence + the Machine

...that's about it for now. :3


ZiE-My main O.C. She has red eyes, a scar over her right eye, and asymmetrical antennae. As a smeet, she was always taught that Irkens should rule all. When she was old enough to run, she was sent to training to fight in a war. She proceeded to fight in fist-to-fist combat, or sometimes, she faught long-range with bazookas. Sometime during the war, she got her scar and severed antennae, along with many other scars along her arms. When she was sent back to her home, she got her invitation to the Great assigning. You know her, she's the one who was the loner who yelled, "Woooo!" Tired of being a soldier, ZiE stole a S.I.R from an Invader and headed off to a planet nearby where she had faught in the war. She is NOT on Earth, I just do that so she's not all lonely. :<

Kit-My very first O.C. Made in March 2009, she’s fairly simple. She has blue eyes, and curled antennae. When she was hatched, she was put with the “defective” smeets, because of her eye color. She then made friends with Dar, another defective. She was abused, however, and is very sensitive. She is a weak target, and is therefore the subject of abuse throughout life. :< (When I made her, I was like, 9 or 10, so I guess I was a Mary Sue then. I made Kit and Zim fall in love [YUCK!!] But when I realized my mistake, I decided that Kit would have been oblivious to Irk’s news, and therefore had no clue who Zim even was.)

Dye-My second O.C. She is a trained Irken assassin, and faught in the same war as ZiE, only on the opposing side. She is highly dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. Dye has Black eyes; she wears a black uniform with a weird collar thing, and has a red triangle marking on the back side of her head. Her antennae are triangular. She’s one of my favorite O.C.s, just for her demonic personality. :>

Zaia-Probably my favorite O.C. (besides ZiE) She’s also probably my most complex O.C. Zaia was hatched as a defective, but ran away from Irk. She was found by the resisty, who didn’t trust her at first, but grew to love her. Yes, they experimented on her (that was the cause of the pupils in her eyes, and the snowflake-ish-type mark on her head.) Her uniform is a glorious collage of red and black. She has a black collar thing, two black stripes on her uniform, and black spikey boots. Her sleeves are red, she has one red stripe on her uniform, and she has red leggings. She has defeated entire fleets of beings, considering her job is to annihilate all signs of Irken life. She’s also not in a very good position with Ryn right now. :3

Joi- She has a pretty normalish life, and goes to skool at the same skool as Zim and Dib (like every other O.C. ever made…). However, she is in Gaz’s class. She studies things like dragons and unicorns, but hides it from the skoolchildren in fear of being ridiculed. She has dark brown hair, and normally wears a black shirt. She has thought of aliens before, but never really THOUGHT about it, ya’ know what I mean? :/

Dar-Male Irken with blue eyes. Claimed defective at birth, Dar was locked away. In the defective unit, he befriended Kit, of which he still has a huge crush on. :O He works as a doctor, and also a scientist. He’s really smart, and very sweet. He has a trianglish mark on his head. He wears a normal invader uniform.

Agent DeathWallow/Talie-My first swollen eyeball O.C. She looks pretty badgrass...look her up in my flips. :D She doesn't live in the same town as Dib and Zim, and she's never contacted Dib. She is, however, good friends with agent DarkBooty and agent Disembodied head. :P She pretty serious, but likes to have fun.

Neb-Male Irken with blue eyes, and average antennae. He’s very destructive, and kinda like Zim. Actually…He’s a lot like Zim. :O hmm…

Eclipse-My smeet! He was made from ZiE and Black Hole’s DNA. (Black Hole is Invader Cat’s O.C.) He has red eyes, and zig zag antennae. He wears a black sweater, just like his daddy! X3 He can be very mischievous, and likes to talk back. He better learn not to, cuz he gon get TREATED by ZiE if he doesn’t. That’s right. TREATED. >:O

Rajah-ZiE’s stolen S.I.R. He’s very serious, and focuses on his job. He CANNOT feel love, for all those people who want their S.I.Rs to be Rajah’s girlfriend. > And technically, all S.I.Rs are “It”s. THEY DUN GOT NO GENDER, K? But Rajah is implied as a male. He looks like a normal S.I.R, except the scar mark on his forehead (identical to ZiE’s). ZiE put that there to show that he is her S.I.R. Uhh…sorta.

Vertigo-A LEGIT assassin S.I.R. It’s Dye’s S.I.R, and its looks are too complicated to explain. LOOK FOR IT IN A FLIP. CUZ IT’S FLIPPIN AWESOME. Anyway, Vertigo will stop at NOTHING to complete a task, so stay out of its way. Or DAI.

THAT WAS A LOT OF O.C.S. Well you made it! Through the O.C. part! >:D

NOW FOR MY HATENA GOALS. (my other account included)


Get 100 stars total XP

Get 5000 stars total XP

Get 20,000 stars total XP

Get 50,000 stars total XP

Get 100,000 stars total XP

Get 500,000 stars total XP

Get 1,000,000+ stars total

Get 1000 stars on a single flipnote XP

Get 5000 stars on a single flipnote XP

Get 10,000 stars on a single flipnote XP

Get 50,000 stars on a single flipnote

Get 100,000+ stars on a single flipnote

Get 100 comments total XP

Get 500 comments total XP

Get 1,000 comments total XP

Get 5,000 comments total XP

Get OVER 9,000!!!!! Comments total XP

Earn 100 fans XP

Earn 200 fans XP

Earn 500 fans XP

Earn 1000 fans (ALMOST THERE!!!)

Earn 5000 fans

Earn OVER 9,000!!!!! Fans

Earn a green star XP

Earn a red star XP

Earn a blue star

Earn a purple star























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I DO NOT OWN INVADER ZIM. Invader Zim (c) Nickelodeon, Viacom, Jhonen Vasquez, and NOT ME.




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Hatena dB, deviantART


Animation, drawing, singing, etc.

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I can sing...and draw...and animate...and I play softball...and Track...that's it. Keep scrolling.


English, learning Spanish


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