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My name is SER. I was chosen to invade "Mars". On my way, Zim crashed into my ship and so I plummeted into Earth. I am 110. My SIR unit is ALZ... not that MUCH help. I go to Skool, but I've got myself an enimie.. her filthy name is Alexia dirt bag human. I have discovered a way to protect myself from the burnings of meat, and I enjoy eating it. It refreshes me.. here are all my O.C.'s.


SER:My main O.C. read bio above

Surge:A friend of SER. Elite Invader but stays on Irk for now. SER has a crush on him.

Kree:Has a crush on SER, and when his head goes totally black, he is in his phsycotic mode. (can't word it any other way)

Jade : Happy, defective Irken. Hates Tallest for organizing ID. Loves Earth.

Trek:He wanders across the universe. Does not stay in any specific planet, nor have a mission.

You-Know-Who:my first o.c.. I am not allowed to say her name because people will get angry.

SIRKENS (cyborg Irkens)

Chen: Evil cyborg that (you know who)unlocked from an icelated lab container.

Klizzie:Nice Sirken. Friends with SER and is an elite.

Um, I liek Katy Perry, and Skrillex... Yeah.. That's about it... ok.. Bai!