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hello,this is me,Israel TRH,and I can comment again,so I don't want that to happen again,cause then I won't get to talk to my friends,and if you want to know what I'm working on,go to my old account on a computer,but I have rules for commenting my flips

1:nothing past pg13

2:nothing extreamly rude

4:have fun

if you break any of those rules,you will be reported,and blocked


I am working on:

cedric vol.1

mystery sprites vol.1(you`ll find what they are when the are done and posted)

sir cedric vol.1

sir knuckles vol.1

super knuckles vol.1

super cedric vol.1

dark cedric vol.1

Israel roadhog vol.3

sej2 cedric (it is super encida,but the spikes are differnt,and he is 3x as strong)

sej2 knuckles vol.1

um,I think thats it,this page will be updated once a week

good bye


I have hurt the person I love most...I don`t deserve anyones love,I won`t take anyones love,I hurt her,and now,I don`t desreve to live



I`m back from Fuse(thats wht my church camp has been called for yrs)and now,I have rules for myself,and I want my friends to make sure,I will follow those rules,tht I will keep myself pure,that I follow the Word,the Word of God,the bible

1.that I will keep pure,to not look,or do,“bad things”


I can feel God`s presseance(idc it misspelled)in my life,he is calling me to do something for him,but it`s not clear what yet

through God`s grace was I saved,I am proud of my Savior,Jesus Christ,idc if you make fun of me,this what I say:you say there`s no God,if what you believed were true,and hell wasn`t real,than if you died,nothing would happen to you,but if I was right(which I am)if you died w/out the savior,you would go to a little place full of fire,and brimstone,and nashing of teeth,eternal fire,eternal burning,no rest,there is only evil,and hurt,and sorrows,while I go to heaven,a place that is so amazing,it`s more amazing then your mind,could ever imagine