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How much is JJ Da Boss net worth in 2023?

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JJ Da Boss net worth

How much is JJ Da Boss net worth in 2023?

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One of Street Outlaws' most popular performers, JJ Da Boss made a name for himself as a speed enthusiast and has dedicated his life to racing with his wife, Tricia Day. The couple has four children of his own and JJ works hard to earn money and support his family.

Now, as of 2022, fans are curious to know how much Boss is worth and what his wife's impressive earnings are.

JJ Davos Net Worth in 2022

According to her oceanup.com in March 2022, this 46-year-old woman is worth about $1.2 million. Most of his net worth comes from his prominent role and status as an OG performer in Street Outlaws. He also has his own circuit where he hosts events and races where he makes money.

Another area where he makes money is from a number of exotic and expensive cars that in total are estimated to be worth over $500,000.

his wife is worth more than him

Both in terms of JJ and his wife's net worth, the pair are doing quite well together: Tricia is said to be worth $3 million as of March 2022, according to networth and salary. increase. Tricia makes the most of it through the show, as well as by owning stunning and expensive cars and buying and selling other cars.

Since both joined Street Outlaws, they've become one of the series' iconic duos, having actually run the show, especially in seasons 9 and 10.

JJ Davos was racing illegally

As a young man, JJ had invested his entire fortune in illegal drugs his race. Because of this, and because of his work outside the law, it eventually caught up with him and he was put in prison for eight years.

When he was finally released, Boss spent all his time and effort on car work and buying and selling cars. Eventually he changed his behavior and started running a successful business.

A few years later, he went through a lot of drag racing, to be exact he became a mainstay of Street Outlaws in 2016 and hasn't looked back since.