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okayz sooooo...well i dont usually get on anymore, but im working on flipnotes now so thats good i guess, i take all my art to DeviantArt soo....but heres about me i guess:

Name: Jade

Age: 14

Hair: Brown, bleached lighter on my bangs (its sorta an orangish brown color)

Eyes: Bright clear blue

Height: about 5'2" or 5'3"

Weight: around 120..i think? idek

Personality: Random, fun, emotional, trustworthy, loving, crazy

personally, im a big baby, but thats me


Instruments - piano, violin, learning guitar

Vocal - singing

Art - drawing

Styles (Art) - sonic, anime, realistic, portraits, chibi, my own style

i do it all baby ;)


Random Facts:

  • chance is my first and only person ive ever kissed sincerely
  • i like stripes
  • sometimes i wish i could erase the past
  • drawing helps me vent out a lot of my problems
  • i currently am going through family troubles
  • ive cried freaking oceans in the past two months
  • my life is morally depressing
  • im slowly pushing through
  • i like watermelons
  • id love to draw anyone requests, if theyre brave enough to ask


heres my DA link so you guys can see what i do


copy and paste, all you gotta do

you can hit me up for requests on da too, im always happy to draw


I'm gonna keep living live and pray to god i make it out alive and id love to chat with my old friends. I'm open for requests on DA and Hatena, just tell me. I cant wait to start posting again and I'll see ya soon ;)

  • Jade <3