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Welcome to my page! Or... whatever. I'm more used to DeviantART. I am a thirteen year old girl with tendencies to be annoying if you aren't used to my personality. I'll deal with people in my way. And also, my flipnotes may contain "blood", but they're paint on here, blood on DeviantART. Understand? If you don't understand, I suggest you stay away from my account. And also, my flipnotes may have things that aren't suitable for anyone under 10 or 13, depending on what you're used to.

Right then, onto other things.

I am a fan of Young Justice and Teen Titans, and basically about any DC or Marvel things. I am somewhat into Hetalia, though I've left it. I'm also a fan of Warriors. And I also tend to like what people... hate or loathe. I may also hate or dislike what people love or adore. My logic may also be confusing.

I like to roleplay as much as the next person, but please don't be like this: "Stop talking and RP, Kitten!" I seriously hate that. I'm a chatty person. Don't like, get out.

I would like to be friends with everyone, but do understand I have the tendencies to be annoyed easily.

Right then... My characters.

Kitten (originally Sora), Lightning Bolt[Bolt] (Young Justice and/or Teen Titans OC), Blackbird (also Young Justice and/or Teen Titans OC), Ravenkit, Jet, Madagascar (Hetalia OC, still in progress), and others...

I suppose that's it... so I'm out. C'ya.