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omgz this is sooo smalll :)

lawz opps ii meant thee key board not that thing in your .........pocket

lmaooo... XD

hahaha oh oh oh

mee namee ish Zakk (full namee ish Zakky) haha

yeah ikr soo kewl :D

how bout a describtion?


  • black hair
  • gauges (also w/ those pointy half circle thingys in them)
  • white
  • no idea haw tall me is

wat i do?

  • skate
  • have a band(the unbound sins)
  • plays guitar/screams
  • gets in trouble a lot useing paint ball guns .....hehe
  • i pull pranks

haha im soo ha-larry-ous in person !!


:l no not ur uncle larry....


i LOVE you boo<33333333333

i love you sm.exy sis(ivy) <3 ,zebrasaur (molly)<3,sm.exy bestie(alex/jo jo)<3 ,abbehh<3,zeppy<3,skitty<3,kat<3,Andehh<3,bubbles,unique....

im sorry if i missed any one D:

I LOVE YOU ALLLLL <33333333333333333333333333333333


  • ZAKKY<3