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Iyaaa over there;D

Want Sum Info Abwt Mee.? ;

The Name's Jasmin:')

#OMF;) I iz Bengii Bloodiness:'D British Asiann. #Bengali:) Woo.

#TeamBreezy. #RitaBot. <33

I'm 12 Yearz Yunqq'. 27.O4;]

Uhmm,Yearhh. Thas itt..


  • Taaam♥;One of the first HBFF's i've had on this. We've had our ups and our downs, but we're still togther [yn']:')
  • Tania<3 My Beauti'fool':) Sistarh. ily<3
  • Awsaf;) Okay, so. Your my buddeh;) You're real funny & make me laugh with your gay comments, ahahah.!
  • Rookie(y) I've never known your real name? I remember you told me once. But I've forgotten? :/ Arrrrghh. Tell me some time soon. I've known you for aaages :p JAMES. THAT'S THE ONE ;D
  • Ashleigh x' ILOVEYOOOH:') You're really kind, and pretty. But we havent spoken lately? Chat me some<3

There's More Hot Asz Bisshez.;DDD LoveYoouh:*.<'3


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  • 'Jaaaz#♥ / TomBoiJaz <333