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Hi, I'm Jeffrey or Jeff, either is fine.

I am a spriter and a sprite animator. I make tons of stuff and made cool flips!!!! I hope you guys like my flips and sprites!!! And if you steal from me...... I dont know, just don't please!!!


1) get 1,000 fans

Thats all my goals! Next Special thanks to all my fans and friend for helping me get this far!!!

Some of my friends would be:

  • Kevin
  • Clayton
  • hydrorush
  • acidace
  • meatball
  • Andre
  • Yoshian12
  • yoshiblast
  • labbici
  • Shadow624
  • STARclaws
  • Luigi*
  • Hero
  • Spriter*
  • omegasword

more, your my friend and you wanna be in here, just ask!