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Hey yall my goal for 2012 is me to get over 70,000(got)100,000(got)300,000 stars over 80 fans and more then 700 comments.If u wont to help me add and comment or some stars because i work really hard on my flipnotes and make my eyeballs fall out.Also if u think i'm good u can donwnload or add me as a fan to your list.Thanks for helping me ~Starships oh and one more thing PLZ AND THANK YOU!!!!!!XD


If your wondering what my o.cs names are Jendal(me),Victoria,Mark,Luke And Nikki Fyi there are all best friends forever.


Hi me name is Jenelle i live in Canada.By b-day is Jan 25 i am a very nice person but when someone messes with me i'll fight them so don't you dare get in a fight with me.My fave songs are:

5 O'clock: T-pain

I've got a crush on you:Isabella Stern

Fever:Victoria Duffield

Front Row:Madi Amyotte

My Best Friend's Girl:Diego Gomes

Love:Mimoza Dout

Victoria Duffield:Shut up and dance

Sparks are gonna fly:JD

Good as Gone:Charlie

Dancing in the spot light:April

If you were mine:Milly

Baby it mite be you:Parker

etc.. there is a lot more.

My fave food type is:Chinese,Jamaican,Fliopino←i think thats how you spell it but wat ever and Mexican.

Things i dislike in life is: When its winter and ppl put snowballs in your face without knowing,ppl call u ugly or fat head or four eyes but the most thing i hate the most is when classmate copy off of you and get all the good marks its so annoying.

If you wanna ask me anything contact me by Hotmail email adresse now you know me great job see yea peace...

50+fans thanks to my friends and fans






Rawr sora

and more thanks


Drinks liked Candy
Food liked Carrots