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Name: Jenz Dontaskformylastname

Interests: Art, papercraft, music, swimming, cheese, comics, cinnamon rolls C:

Dislikes: People hating corndogs, h8ters, claustrophobia, being lame

If you would like to see more of my work, you can check out my deviantART account at (Uploaded more...)

My goal is pretty much like gizmo's (id:kingboo7). He's inspired me so much! Thank you so much everyone. I want to be well known over this website as well. It will be awesome! It will be hard to get popular just by making 50 flipnotes or less and stay "popular" like him. I'm counting on you guys :)

Questions and answers about me/my Flipnotes:

Q: How old are you?

A: Fif-to-the-teen!

Q: Are you a boy or a girl?

A: I've been through this question before. Some of you confused me as a girl because of my name. I'M A BOY. DUDE. BROTHER. NOT SISTER nor FEMALE. Man! My voice is high (certain flips, yes), some refer to my name as "JEN," but you should know by now that I'm a guy.

Q: How long does it take you to finish a Flipnote?

A: About 2 days w/o procastination. Unless it's a big project or an MV, it takes really long for me (ie: weeks/a month). I need to master the art of animation (shake, expression, detail, shading... other important Flipnote steps) and I have an animation test now. Feel free to give feedback please.

Q: May I use some of your original characters?

A: No permission required this time. Just tell me and give proper credit. More OCs shown in deviantArt.

Q: Tag! YOU'RE IT!

A: I only do those "tags" if you're in my Faves and tags me. Also, I really don't like doing them (Jar/Alex) so don't tag me every time. Otherwise, I'll just ignore it forever. I'm big on originality (see 7th Q)

Q: Are you a gizmoid?

A: Well... I honor other creators as well such as Porygon, BosS, 8-BIT... not just gizmo. Technically, yush.

Q: I haz GREAT flipnote idea! Can you use it?

A: I'm starting to be going onto originality (LM flip P1 was pretty original right?). If the idea is good enough, I may work with the requests. I don't work on that single flip alone however (so, it's collab-ish).

Q: Will you look at my Flips/fave me/enter my contest/insert some other annoying begging objective here??

A: No! I'd fave someone when I'm drawn to that person's work without persuasion. With a few exceptions. But the answer is NO.

Q: Can you give me tips on Flipnotes/getting popular on Hatena?

A: Work hard, never give up, and DO NOT add stars to your own flips/steal/star beg. The 3 D's.

Please check my official update regularly for anything happening in my Flipnote progress.

Thanks for reading and viewing my Flipnotes if you've seen them.

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