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Love Birds, love Jesus, love friends,love family, h8te trolls. Got any questions? look down there. VVV

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Love Birds, love Jesus, love friends,love family, h8te trolls. Got any questions? look down there. VVV

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Heyy, It's me,Rachel,and if you were wondering, i dont actually post flipnotes anymore. Life moves on, and you gotta move with it. I quit in 2012 because i was just too old for hatena (16), something had happened to my group of friends here, and frankly, i was never good at animating. I'm a Christian w/ a minister 4 a father and I'm proud of it! I'm a southern girl, although I moved from Tennessee, my home state, to the midwest a few years ago. Where am I now? Well you'll just have to guess. ^FT^ I have a parakeet named Baby and I luvs him!! If you didn't figure it out already, I can't draw worth a crap (one of the reasons i quit) If you are curious, my o.c.s were as follows:

~Ray (irken o.c.)

~Feah(adopted smeet)

~Talo (vaporavyan, God's messenger to avyans/angel)

~Aerie(latin speaking vaporavyan of Plumae Tribe/adventurer)

~Cranberry(fire v-avyan/creeper vine venanian)

~Spirana(sky serpent with wind powers)

~Kestra(battle-loving wind v-avyan warrior)

~Alu(healer wolf of the Black Sun Pack)

~Jabble(small doodle bird i used on comments or info flips as an emoticon)

Time for a shout out to all mah close friends on or now off hatena: Drith(omg sisseh!!!)Zaz, Sic, Harmony, Kaz, Dragon, Anne Fiore, Cece, Ari, Kusuri, Jir, Red, Deodii, Hevdra, Kimi, Cheesedude, Spaz(my biological bro) and ......ummmmm, a lotta other ppl i cant remember rite now because i have a lot of other things to worry about now. If you know me, you can shoot me an email at raykeetsemaildropoff@yahoo.com. So peace out... and JESUS LUVS U!!!!

Full name

Rachel-////eRrOR`//)::NOt applIcABle\\}[~*^#5$#




the big 1-5. Sophmore.


Octobah 7th, baby!

Blood type

how should i kno!?


babysitter, pool cleaner, bird lover.


A High school somewhere in the big wide world of America.

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wouldnt you like to know? stalkers! *looks around suspiciously*

Place of birth

Knoxville TN. oh yeah. deal w/ it.


carving, pottery, reading/writing, poetry.

Special skills

carving, pottery, reading/writing, poetry.


beginner in Latin, English, a bit of spanish, Italian and french from latin derivitives.


Animals liked BIRRRRRRDSSSSSS.....yes.