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Hi...... about me oh gowsh... ok..... My username is currently Jingurl and my O.C is Lucy. My drawing style is Anime, although i'm probably not qualified to give art classes. My favorate color is Aqua and my hobby is playing video games and drawing anime. Whoever fanz me automaticly makes you my friend! :3 unless you dont like me then you would un-fan me.... OH I also tend to get off the topic alot. I bet you noticed that by now. I also like going outside and playing around because I have a hangout in my yard. I think I got into anime and stuff when I got my dog, he's a Japanese Chin and his name is Suki so I got into anime and stuff. I don't want you looking at my face because i'm VERRY un-photogenic. So is my dog soz...... I also have a cat. Her name is Midnight. I've had her for about 11 years. (she's a OLD cat) I talk to my friends too much so we never have anything to talk about. :3 I usually use pink in my flipnotes, idk why I do that cuz my favorate color is Aqua... but I just do. O3o So............................







September 27th


Drawing, playing video games, eating pizza.... mostly guy stuff acctually... ^-^

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KUNG-FU!!!! just kidding.