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Hey, guyz

If you are reading this i thank you. I have made a decission on wiether im staying on hatena or not. I am leaving hatena. Yup that's right, but it's not for upseting reasons. I just feel like it's my time to move on from hatena and move on to bigger things. I am proud to have inspirered all of my fans and I will never forget my experiances here on hatena. I will be leaving with my pride, however i wont be all the way gone. I will post a few things here and there so you guyz know my account is still here (idea from krxtreme lol). I will have only 3 more flips to post

~Collab with Krxtreme

Its really funny and we both put a lot of effort into this collab and i hope you guyz will enjoy it ^^

~Free Icons

Most likly a stupid move but hey i promised a lot of you guyz one and i never got around to it. I felt guilty so i made a flip with Free Icons

~annocement of my departure flip

In this flip i will be annocing that I AM leaving hatena and if you guyz still want to be fans of mine you can watch me on deviantart.com


just copy and paste that URL and then click watch ^^

well thts all guyz