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Episode 1: A spark for a new Legend

Episode 1 part 1

Announcer: both competitors are down to there last Pokemon they are fighting hard to claim victory.

Music starts playing i can walk on water i can fly and battle continues for thirty seconds. Battling Pokemon: Swampert Flygon

Announcer: wow what a match John has now won his 11th battle making him go to the finals.

Tim: Yes He won! NO WAY! I can't. Believe it Yes!

Dian: oh my gosh.. I can't believe it

Tim: I have to tell Peter!

Tim: Can I go to peters house.

Dian: yes.. Yes be back home by five.Tim runs out the door excited.

Part 2

Tim runs towards peters house and knocks. Peter answers door.

Peter: Hi whats up. Your Dad was awesome today I cant believe he won.

Tim: Did you see the part were swampert caused the huge explosion i- Tim gets interrupted.

Peter: Yah of course I did, that was awesome.

Tim: I can't wait see the finals.

Peter: No duhh of course you cant wait after all the hoen league only happens once a year.

Part 3

Tim is inside sitting on the couch watching tv next to Peter. Peter: there he is there's my father shows battle begin. Screen shows battle

Part 4

Continued battle

Part 5

Peter: HE WON!!!!!!!!!!


Tim: wait a second

They calm down

Tim: that means your father will have to battle mine.

Peter move his head up and down to say yes

Tim: Peter no matter who wins you promise we will always be friends. Right?

Peter: umm..... Yah um of course

Tim: oh crap I was supposed to be home at five got to go. Tim runs outside

Part 6

School bell rings

Tim holds door open for classmates

Kid 1: Bye Tim you rock.

Kid 2:Thanks Tim

Kid 3: See you tomorrow tim hope your dad does well.

Peter: Ready to walk home.

Tim: Yep lets go.

Peter sooo... Who do you think is going to win tonight?

Tim: I don't know. It all depends on what Pokemon they choose.

Peter: Oh yah I forgot to tell you.

Part 7

Peter: Great news my Dad wanted me to go to a trainer school after the school year is over.

Dad says next year i can start my journey.

Tim: NEXT YEAR!? Are you sure this is a good idea. To become a trainer you must drop out of school in order to travel to beat gym leaders in order To win money paid from the Heon League. You need to be able t- Peter interrupts

Peter: Yes I KNOW! dad says he’s going to get me a good starter for my journey. So that way I can own gym leaders easily. <~ all that needs to be yelled

Part 8

Tim: My mom says I can’t go to a trainer school until i’m 18. I don't if it's a good idea. Peter: Well I never asked for your opinion.

Tim: Is there something wrong.

Peter: NO

Tim: What's wrong!

Peter: Just leave me alone!

Peter runs off.

Tim: Peter?

Part 9

Announcer: Finally it’s time to start the finals. People from all over the world are here to watch this fight. Screen shows Peter watching TV then tim watching TV.

Let the Battle begin.

John sends out Swampert Peters Dad sends out Salamance.

Swampert faints first then John sends out Metagross. Salamance faints and Peters Dad sends out Mighteyanna.

then Metagross faints John sends out Agron.

Mighteyanna faints so Peters Dad sends out Sceptile. eventually explosion happens.

Part 10

Judge: Agron is unable t-

Screan shows Tim sad.

Agron gets up

Screen shows Peter.

Peter: WHAT!!!! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!!

Announcer: No Way! Unbelievable! The battle still goes on! The crowd gets excited John finishes him.

Part 11

Tim: DAD!

Tim runs up and hugs john

John: I missed you so much. Dian! John runs and hugs Tim's mom. There hug for ten seconds.

Dian: I missed so much

a tear falls from here eye.

They let go of each other

Tim I love you son but I need ten minutes alone with your mother.

Tim: But Dad!?

John we have all weakend to spend together it will only be ten minutes.

Tim: okay

John grabs a pokeball

John: Here go play with swampert for a while. Tim runs tawards a field.

Part 12

The screen shows John and Dian inside.

John: So I was thinking we should spend $100,000 to go on a trip to the cool resort we've been talking about in the kanto region.

Dian: I don't know I honestly think there's better things to spend on.

John: Come on it would be cool!

Dian: Yes I know here i was thinking we should do this. why dont we hold on to the money until we know what to spend it on.

John: OK fine..