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Hey guys,It's me,SpectrumHalo!Yes,I make flipnotes,I very appreciate if you put me on a flipnote.a comedy,not a drawing.

you should check out these people who works hard for atleast a red/blue/purple star.

(UPDATE SOON.:34254)


Sorry,I'll be gone until May 2011 because of 3DS.They will make a future system update so you can go to the dsiware,not just dsiware. the 3DS WILL HAVE 3SHOP!The gameboy advance games,and.I think theres going to be pokemon emerald.

so yeah,be patient.Im not patient myself. :(


Okay this is the Flipnotes on May,stay tuned guys!Dont unfave me.Ill really get unmotivated if you do.:(

Just the way you are mv.

and more o-o