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Im a Supernatural addicted girl and this wont ever change

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Senima, Steffi

Im a Supernatural addicted girl and this wont ever change

Self introduction


Welcome to my Page. If you want to know more about me, my career and things like that, just read on. Thanks if you do :)

About me

Im 14 years old and im from Germany. I live in the southern part of germany, bavaria. I can speak german (bavarian but i think that isnt important here XD), english and a bit french (I understand alot but i can write that much). I have an own cat called Susi and i have a care pony and im allowed to ride another horse. More infos about that later ^^

My Hatena Career

My parents gave me my DsiXL at christmas 2010. I already something about Hatena and i wanted to join Hatena, but i didnt understand english so good at this time, and i dont know. I was hard to join because of the ids and so on... In June 2011 i could join Hatena. I tried beause of some creators. I wanted to say them, how awesome they are. (unfortunately theyre really unactive now .n.) I started my career with drawing horses. But soon i noticed that you have to be really really awesome and epic at drawing horses, to become popular with it. So i learned drawing wolves by myself. My wolves were so terrible, my whole life i just drew horses or cats. But never dogs or wolves. I practisted alot and now im quite proud of my drawing style .U.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ABOUT COLLABS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

When i do a Collab, i do one for my reasons. I HATE Collabs, so dont ask me! IF i do a Collab with someone, this person is a really good friend, and i just do a favour for my friend, i dont do many collabs, cuz i think theyre

Thats my opinion about Collabs, so DO NOT ASK ME for Collabs, if i want to do one with you, ill ask you by myself!

My Charas

I have 3 Charas

Jain (male) O.C

Addie (female) Fursona

Jojo (male)

About Jain

Jain raised in a small family. He had 3 siblings but two of them starved. Just one of his siblings survived, he took care of his only brother. Jain had to take care about him alone, cuz his parents left them alone in a cave. Jain really loves his little brohter called Jojo. When Jojo had grown up to an adult wolf, Jain decided to take his own way without Jojo. Jain wanted to find a mate. He found soon a mate, cuz all the female wolves liked Jain. His first mates name was Ame. Jain got 2 pups with her, but soon he left Ame. He wanted to be a free wolf again. He walked through the mountains and he searched for a lone carve, but he met a female wolf. She seemed to be sad, so Jain asked her, if he can help her somehow. Jain found out, that the wolf dont know how to find out of the mountains. So Jain helped her and he began to like her. When they were out of the mountains they said goodbye, and Jain expected to see her not again. But a year later the same wolf stood in Jains cave. "I searched for you the whole year, i didnt find back to your cave." Jain was glad to see her again, and he fell in love with her. Her name is Wildfire (CyberWolfs Chara)

More Infos about him

Name: Jain

Age: About 4 or 5

Species: Wolf/Dog

Gender: male

Skills: - No special

Likes: his mate, dark places, running, eating

Dislikes: water, warm weather

Character: courageous, often happy, sometimes very serious

Colors: Blue, Grey

About Addie

Addie was born as a normal dog/wolf. She raised like all the others, but she already loved paranormal things when she was younger. She hadnt many friends, cuz they all thought shes crazy. Addie believed in all things like that. But soon she got sad. She were sad for along time, till she decided to sell her soul to the hell. She sold her soul and she were in hell for a few months. But then came back to earth. She couldnt believe it but the hell gave her some (ewe) supernatural skills and the hell told her, that shes choosen. She was a half hellhound now they told her. She had the job to proctect her crush shes loving at the moment. When she dont love her crush she have to kill him. (She have to do this with every crush she have).

And now the story goes in a lot of diffrent ways. She had and HAVE a crush and the moment. But i wont to a chara which is her crush. Cuz Addies first crush and mate was Jake. I did an extra chara for him and you know, Addie is my Fursona, that means she IS ME in wolf form. Her character and her acting is similiar to me. Her crushes are my real crushes on a REAL person. So, if i stop loving someone, and i did a chara for him, it will confuse all my fans. (I saw it when i did it with Jake). She ( I ) have a new crush atm but i wont do a chara, cuz its not important for any of my MVs.

More Infos about her:

Full Name: Addie (Ostrados)

Age: None

Species: Wolf/Hellhound

Gender: Female

Skills: - excorize demons out of their vessels

  • teleport herself
  • really strong
  • flying

Likes: her crush, the few of her friends, darkness, cold places

Dislikes: ppl who want to hurt her crush, bright lights

Character: dominant, bossy, evil, suspicious

Info: - she just can be killed by her current crush

Colours: White, with grey circles on the eyes and and on the back

About Jojo

Jojo is Jains little brother. (See his story above at Jains story).

When their took their own ways, Jojo was really sad at first time, cuz he never knew a another wolf and he couldnt imagine that will be other wolves who are better than Jain. Jojo loved his brother and he treated him like a hero. Thats we hes so shy. Often he tried to find back to Jain, but he didnt know where he should search. He didnt want to have a mate or pups or a family. He had no friends, but it was ok for him to be so lonly. Because of his lonelyness he created a imaginary friend. It was hisself in a evil form. He often talked with hisself, cuz he thought, that hes talking to his evil side. Thats how he became evil. He started killing without reasons, it was like a hobby for him to kill other ppl. After years of killing wolves he slowly noticed that he did a lot of bad things, so he wanted to kill himself. But then suddenly Jain came, and he could stop Jojo from killing hisself.

More Infos about Jojo

Name : Jojo

Age: About 4 or 5

Species: Wolf/Dog

Gender: Male

Skills: - no special

Likes: dark places, rainy days, Jain

Dislikes: nearly everything

Character: In his first years hes very shy, later hes evil and bloodthirsty

Colours: light red, with a few dots on the back and one big dot on the throat

My friends

<3 Sisters <3

CyberWolf <3 <3 <3

AnitaCat <3 <3 <3

Mew-Chan <3

DracoWolf <3

Friends (not in the right order)





















Kyru (oder wie du auch grad heisst XD)





oAo i hope thats all

if i forgot you, plz tell me ill correct then .U.

Full name

Steffi Schön







Long time ago

Blood type

None; Supernatural flows in my blood


Hunting the Supernatural on this world with Sam and Dean! .3.

Being an artist on Hatena


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone XD

Place of residence

House? Dude im travelling with the Winchesters, i dont need a house dB< XD


Being with the Winchester eWe



Special skills

excorzise demons out of bodies .U. i know... noting special eWe


German, English, France


TV Shows liked SUPERNATURAL!!!! <3
Actors/Actresses liked Jared Padalekci eWe <3
People liked The one im loving >w< <3
Sports liked Riding
Animals liked Horses
Characters liked Sam Winchester (Supernatural) eWe
Music liked Awesome music