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hi i like bringing lots og mvs videos and more 2 hatena! and i love making flips! :D

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hi i like bringing lots og mvs videos and more 2 hatena! and i love making flips! :D

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WAzzzzzzzz uuupppppp! Ok I'm gonna rely my self to type this and not regref saying anything tht will reuin my life.. lol

Well first of ima say.. Hello! I'm RedFox Le homies so waz up!? Woah u meanie ur not answering i waited 10hpurz and i still haven't got a reply.. oh well! (Jkjk) ok dobe wit da le homie talk..pft well my rl name is Julianna but on da internet a hole lot ef ppl call me Juli becuz Julianna is a long azz name xD well I'm like 13 right now (u proballt thaoght i was like 5 yrz old cuz I'm so imature xP) I'm a hyper person lol~<3 plus I'm kunda hyper today cuz.i drank 5 bottles of soda pft jk I'm kinda hyper cuz I'm goun to the mall wit my friendzes today xD well I'm not alwayz hyper lol but when I'm not hyper some dayz I'm just d3pr3ssed lol i get random d3pr3ssion sometimes T.T maybe becuz thereZ so much thingz goin on wit my life right now. Well guess whoz.meh bffz!? Vguess... -waitz 10 hourz agin- NOW COMON I WADTED 20 HPURZ EF MY DAY AGAIN!!! -RAGES RIPES HAIR OFF- OK JK AGAIN lol meh bffz r:

WinterStar//Sissy poo lol Alicia pachu D353RTSTORM Rainkit SnowPaw Riyad (longest friend) WolfLuv AngelFox Yuneo BlueFlare Bubbi NightWolf Matovent(hatena bro) Moze Lilly Bunny AuraSnow Covi Kona Curious NightWolf ColdStar Sailaser FlessVeon lol. OK DARZ ALL STOP STALKING ME ... GOSH lol jk ok

Well I'm thinkin ur a lil curioys wut my nationality and stuff is well I'm german but more italian becuz i acidently grew a mustace Jk lol i have brownish hair (light hair) oksatz all lol i got no "phisical features" except tht i have a 6 pac pft jk again lol I'm workin on gettin a 6 pack lol i just forget to work out lol

Well guess wut hi lol my fav songz aren't rlly da popular songz and they r like "emo" kinda lol Fav songz r : Chop Suey System ef a down Holiday GreenDay Time of Dying 3 dayz ef grace lol. top 3 I'm not rlly emo or anything lol my fav clor is sky blue and it will nvr change lol my fav food is YOU lol jkjk if rlly.no bout food lol.. i guess fruitz oh yeah i rlly like orsnges x3 my husband is named orange and he's a circle i mean round abd he's orange :D like a bawlz i call him mr orange :D

oh yesh ima tell u a secret psst i like..... aznz xD haha i alwayz luved them bevuz day so dayum nice xD and other reasonz.. o3o my fav name is like zach boy name-- and other namez xD but zach is my fav gurl name.. uh joanna

and gurl/boy name Bob pft jk guess eut hi ok bye now ily all!! <333

~RedFox//Juli <333

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Dec. 6

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I'm cold blooded lol ima reptile pft jk


making flipy notes


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hospitial r u stoopid!?

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Hospital duh


art drawing and softball making flipnotes!

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drawing animating?


English learning spanish