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Hey, this is Kaitlyn! If you want to read them...ill list some facts about myself.

1.I'm 15

2.I'm in 9th grade. I'm a freshman in high schooool :D

3.I've got a sweet dog, Sandy(girl), and a cute cat, Kovu(boy).

4.I love anime! Anime I like are: Inuyasha, Mermaid Melody, Sonic X, Tokyo Mew Mew, Poke'mon, Soul Eater, Higurashi,...

5.I love to draw though my handwriting is terrible...I can't help it! It's in my dad's genes and my genes!

6.I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER shy and I get embarassed easily by even talking to someone I don't know well.

7. I have brown hair with blonde streaks, I have brown eyes, and I have glasses but I got contacts :D

8. My favorite color is opal aquamarine. It's so pretty and it reminds me of the ocean.

9. If you know me, you know that I'm super sweet and I'm a great friend.

10. I'm a night owl, like my dad. (I get alot of things from him, like brown eyes while my mom has blue eyes which I want >.<

11. I'm as sneaky as a spy.

12. I'm terrified of insects and spiders and snakes. Even butterflies flying around freak me out!

13. I have a YouTube account, which is Pokegalkk.

14. I LOVE Mario, Poke'mon, and Kirby!

15. I'm German, Scottish, Italian, Irish, and a little Russian.

16. I can LIVE on potatoes and water. I love anything made from potatoes like mashes potatoes, chips, potato balls(my Omi(German for grandma)well, yeah she comes from germany and shes an AWESOME cook)

17. My birthday is on New Year's Day. I'll be sixteen in 2013! CURSES ONLY 1 MORE YEAR UNTIL I CAN DRIVE!

18: I'm a HUGE tomboy, and in case you're wondering; no, I'm straight. I HATE shopping, I don't care about dumb old makeup or clothes, though I love my long hair (aka the only girly thing about me) :) I also play video games A LOT, and I LOVE C(all)O(f)D(uty)!!!

19: I LOVE to RolePlay, especially on Runescape, Hatena, all sorts of MORPG games such as Runescape :D

20: It's my dream to learn Japanese when I'm in college. Too bad there isn't a Japanese class in my school. Oh well. French is second best!

21: I've recently revealed my biggest secret to my entire school and I might as well tell the rest of the world :)

I have major depression and social and separation anxiety. Having this stuff is like being trapped in a living hell. Trust me, I know what this is like. It's horrible

22: I hate bullies. I can't stand anyone who is mean to another person for no good reason. I definetely know what it's like to be bullied, and I'll never turn into one of those spoiled brats. The meanest thing I will ever do is tease someone without intending to hurt them.

Aaand...thats about it.